Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sherbet loves yoga

Oh Good morning everyone. I bounced out of bed with a real spring in my step this morning as I feel full of new energy after my yoga lesson yesterday. It was so wonderful, I did love it but Oh dear, I have just realised, when I tried to walk into my kitchen, that lots of my muscles are aching in places that I did not know I had, even my ears are aching! I stretched myself so much in so many ways and now to make myself feel better I think I will just rest today. I forgot to tell you that as Marise Mouse is so small, it was difficult for me to see the yoga positions she was showing me so I brought my kitchen chair into the garden and lifted her onto it, it made a nice comfy platform for her and I could see her very well. Marise taught me to stand like a mountain so here I am standing nice and straight for you all to see. Love from Sherbetx 


KathyB. said...

My lambs might be limber enough to do yoga, but I have never seen them try. They do like to race and,nope.

I hope you are feeling limber and relaxed now Sherbet!

Sherbet Sheep said...

Hello Kathy, How wonderful it is to hear from you. You know, I had never tried yoga either until the other day, and I am not as young as your lambs. If you could find them a yoga teacher like Marise mouse, then I think you will find that they are all very good at yoga . Love from Sherbetx