Monday, 7 May 2012

Sherbet's miracle pink rose

I heard a huge torrent of rain falling down in the night and I woke up worried about my one pink rose.  I rushed outside even before I had eaten my breakfast and to my relief,  my dear, pink rose was still there standing upright with all of it's petals.  It must be a true miracle rose as when I looked at some of my new little salad seedlings they were flattened down. I do hope they pop right up again. I can see the sun coming out now so they should be OK. The only bad news of the day was that I saw 2 slugs eating my tomato plant, the rain must have brought them out of their hiding places.  I do love all the little creatures in my garden and I want them to be happy but I just had to lift off those 2 slugs ( wearing my gardening gloves of course, and I don't mean the slugs were wearing my gloves I was ! ) They were oh so slimy and slippery and gooey but I managed to pull them off of the tomato leaves and I put them in the field next door so they could find a new home.  Now my vegetables are  safe again. Thank goodness! Love from Sherbetx

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Mimi Foxmorton said...

Oh, whew!

But the Magic made me cry a little bit in the beginning! :)

love and hugs!