Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sherbet is thinking of his little creatures

It is a lovely sunny day here at Clover Cottage and I am at this very moment,  sitting on my flowerpot   thinking of all of my wonderful, loyal friends all over the world. I do hope they are feeling happy and well and blessed with all that they have around them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        How blessed I am to be living in this lovely cottage with my amazing garden and the company of all the little creatures that live in it. Little creatures are so important,  they give us so much love and  I know they feel our love too.  Sometimes the weather is so bad and snowy that they cannot find any food for themselves.  That is when they need us most.   I love to feed my little creatures and make sure they keep warm and bad weather.   Nothing  gives me more  joy than when I see my squirrels, hedgehogs, blackbirds and frogs living peacefully and happily in my garden.  It gives me peace to know that they are not hungry and are safe and content every day.
. Love from Sherbetx

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sherbet has had an upset tummy

Oh my goodness,  I am so sorry that I have been away from my stories page for so many days.  The truth is there are two reasons  why I have not been able to write to you. The first one is that Mango's Aunty Manu  came to stay with me in Clover Cottage and I have been busy taking care of her.  She has also been taking care of me because the second reason is that for the last few days I have had a funny tummy and have not been feeling my best so I have been resting a bit more than usual.  You will be glad to know that I am now feeling a little bit better so here I am.    You may think I look a little bit pale but I am gradually getting rosy cheeks again.  Pearl told me that I should go on a holiday and relax in a a lovely, warm place with sunny days  far far far away.  It is a good idea but I  will have to go on a very big aeroplane far far far up in the sky and I have never been on one before.  Love from Sherbetx

Thursday, 14 February 2013



Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Oh dear, Sherbet found a slug on his basil plant

Oh my dear friends,  I am sitting here truly wishing that you are all having the most rainbow coloured day that you could ever imagine.  I am feeling a little bit tired as I have been working very hard in my garden. You may not be surprised to hear that this morning I found a very naughty slug on one of the leaves of my basil plant.  I picked him off still clinging to the tasty leaf and took him for an early morning walk with me to the other end of Wiggleway Lane, where I introduced him to a new home in a field full of wild flowers.  He was still  munching on his last delicious meal from my garden when I put him in the field.  I do hope he will be very happy there and that he finds some delicious leaves to feast on.  I am a little bit worried that I may have taken him away from his friends but I am sure he will find new ones.  I must tell you though that I am very relieved indeed that my basil plant now has a good chance of growing up safely without ragged leaves..
 Love from Sherbetx

Monday, 11 February 2013

Sherbet is cleaning his cottage

Oh, there you are !
 Hello my dear, dear loyal friends from nearby and far far away.  I have been a very naughty Sherbet  Sheep as I have not written my stories for a few days now and I know that I have some truly wonderful fans who like to read my stories every single day..
 I must tell you that I am not just
sitting around being lazy,  I am being very busy indeed.  I have been cleaning  all the cobwebs away from Clover Cottage and putting everything back in it's place that has somehow found it's way out of it's place.
 I am a little bit worried that when I clean the cobwebs away,  I may be destroying a nice spider's home.  I am being very careful to only clean away the old abandoned webs and if I see a spider in his web I try not to frighten him and leave him in peace to enjoy his life.  As you know, all of the little creatures in and around Clover Cottage are very special and each of them has his own little purpose here on this planet earth so I try to  do my very best to help them have a happy life.
 Love from Sherbetx

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sherbet is talking too much about his new boots

Now you are all going to think I am very silly indeed as I just must show you my new grey boots too.
 You are probably a little bit tired of me showing you my boots every day but I am so proud of them  and they suit me so well, and they fit me so well and they go with all of the lovely clothes that Kathy cat made me and they are very comfy and I know I am talking a lot about my boots but I promise you I will not talk about them anymore unless they get muddy or something then I will!
 Love from Sherbet and his 3 pairs of new boots!!!
 Oops, I just talked about them again please forgive me, I didn't mean to break my promise that is very naughty of me indeed!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sherbet is very proud of his new black boots

I just had to show you my new black boots.  Here they are.
  I am very proud of them even though  I have not worn them yet.
They are waiting very patiently for me in my shoe cupboard at the other end of my bedroom.   The reason I have not yet worn them is that I have been too busy wearing my new red boots!!   I know I am very lucky to have so many pairs of new boots but you see, I can only wear one pair at a time and even though I would like to wear them all at once ( not forgetting my new grey birthday boots too)  I don't think it would be a good idea as my feet would look too big  and they would also feel too heavy and I may not be able to walk very well.
 Love from Sherbetx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sherbet has a new soft comfy scarf

 Hello, my dear friends from all over this planet Earth  ( and any aliens from other planets that may be listening in too, I might add).
 As you can see I am wearing my new red boots again.  You may also have noticed that I am wearing a really beautiful, warm scarf.  This scarf is a very special scarf.  It was given to me on my birthday by my dear friend from the seaside, Sheila sheep.  She is very, very clever indeed because she made this with her own hands and knitting needles,  especially for me.  I know it was made with love because I can feel it in my very soul. It is the softest most comforting scarf I have ever worn in my life.  It is keeping me very warm in this cold windy weather and I feel very blessed to be able to wear it.  It goes very well indeed with my lovely outfit that Kathy cat made me . Oh what a lucky Sherbet sheep I am to have such wonderful, talented  friends that love me enough to make clothes for me.
Love from a very grateful Sherbet Sheepx  

Monday, 4 February 2013

Sherbet has new boots

Oh what a lovely day I had yesterday.
 As you know it was my birthday.  The very same day as the birthday of Reginald Rabbit.
 At half past five yesterday evening  Pearl, Doodle and Mango arrived at my kitchen door.  It was a little bit cold outside,  so I quickly invited them in to share the wonderful warmth of my log fire.
  How lovely it was to see them on my birthday.  How blessed I am to have such wonderful friends.
 Pearl announced that she was going to cook a delicious birthday meal for me and so she began to prepare an amazing selection of rainbow coloured vegetables -  with the help of Mango and Doodle. They were all so very kind and told me to sit and relax on my comfy chair in front of the fire while they did all the work.  What luxury !  I found myself being spoiled all evening long by my dear, precious friends.  After dinner and a truly scrumptious birthday cake,  they each produced a gift for me.  How exciting !   Each box was the same size  but wrapped in different coloured paper.  In  the first box  given to me from dear, wise Pearl,  I found a beautiful new pair of red boots,  I put them on straight  away, they were a perfect fit.  You can see me wearing them in the picture.  The next box was given to me by Doodle, and guess what ?  Inside I found another pair of boots, this time they were black.  How lovely !  The last box was given to me by dear, little Mango mouse,  he watched me open the gift with great excitement!   And guess what again ??    Inside the box I found another pair of new boots and this time they were grey !   Oh what a lucky Sherbet sheep I am to have so many pairs of new boots.   I can't wait to wear them all,  but only one pair at a time of course.  How kind and thoughtful my friends are.  I am so grateful to them all for making my birthday so special.
Love from Sherbetx  

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Happy birthday to me and to Reginald Rabbit

  It is my birthday today and I am looking forward to having a lovely little birthday dinner this evening  at Clover Cottage with my dear, nearby  friends Pearl pig, Doodle dog and Mango mouse.  I must tell you that  today is also the birthday of my very dear and wonderful friend Reginald Rabbit who I miss so very much. He is now living very happily in a very far far far far far away place but at the same time he is always with me.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY REGINALD RABBIT.     I hope you have a delicious coconut flavoured birthday cake as I know you would like that very much indeed.
 Love and big hugs from Sherbetx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sherbet is a little bit worried about Sheila sheep

Oh, hello dear friends.  Here I am back at Clover Cottage. How delightful it is to be sitting on my grass again after all those weeks of  snow.
 I am a little bit sad today though as my dear friend  Sheila sheep is a little bit unwell.  She is resting and trying to feel well again.  For the last days of my visit to her she was not able to come out for walks with me.  I did miss her very much in those days as we always have such fun together.  We laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.  I know that she will be better very, very soon though as her very good and kind friend Mark mole is looking after her extremely well.  I am so grateful to know that he is caring for her and I am sure that he is making her big bowls of lovely, rainbow coloured, healthy soup.

 Soon it will be my birthday. My birthday date is 3rd February, the same as that of my special friend Reginald rabbit. Maybe Reginald will be able to visit me on that day and we can share  the delicious birthday cake that Pearl is going to make me.   Love from Sherbetx