Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sherbet is still very worried

Oh, I am trying to cheer myself up as I am still very worried about all of my relatives and my  new and old sheep friends that live nearby and far far away.
I have had no more news from the farmer at Greengate Farm at the other end of Wiggleway Lane so I am sure the sheep that live there are all safe and sound away from the horrible virus with the very long name.
 To take my mind from my worries I decided to go to the garden shop in the nearby village and buy some new garden tools and some fruit trees and flowers in pots. I want to keep busy as I am so concerned for my sheep friends.
If any of my sheep friends are reading this, please let me know that you are all safe and sound so that I can sleep soundly at night. Love from Sherbet x

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A very worrying virus

I have woken up to some very worrying news. The farmer at Greengate Farm knocked on my door this morning and told me that there is a nasty virus flying around in our part of the countryside. This virus is harmful to lambs! I am very worried for the sheep at Greengate farm and also I am worried for all of my sheep friends in all of their fields everywhere. Fortunately I am in no danger as I live at Clover Cottage. The virus has a very long name and it has come here from far far away. The farmer had to spell the name of this terrible thing for me. It is called Schmallenberg virus. I want all the sheep from nearby and far far away to know that I am sending them all my love and I pray for them all to have an enormous ring of protection around them to keep them safe.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Sherbet is absolutely worn out

Phew! I have been working so hard in my garden this morning that I am absolutely worn out. You will be glad to know my ears have mended and they now feel perfectly normal. Anyway, I am just going to rest on my flowerpot for the next few hours until I get my energy back. Later on I will have a really healthy meal full of rainbow coloured vegetables and fruit, and then I know that tomorrow I will be all bouncy and ready to do more gardening again. Love from Sherbet x

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Oh dear, pink ear tops.

Oh, hello everyone, I am just about to ride off on my bike for a little bit of exercise. It is a cloudy day today which I am very grateful for as I did sit in the sun a little too long yesterday. I know that it was too long as the tops of my ears are feeling a bit tender and are probably a little sunburned! I think when Pearl sees me and my pink ear tops she will be very disappointed that I did not follow her advice enough. I have put my orange juice and my banana  in my bicycle basket and when I find I am a little bit tired from my bike riding, I am going to find a quiet shady spot under a big tree and have a little picnic all on my own and wait for my ears to mend.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

A rainbow coloured sunny day in Sherbet's garden

What an absolutely, scrumptiously, warm, rainbow coloured day it is today. It is so bright and lovely and sunny that I am just sitting in my garden sunbathing. I must be careful not to make my cheeks too pink as Pearl is always telling me that it is very bad to burn my delicate skin in the sun but she also tells me that it is healthy to let the sun shine on me as it gives me vitamin D which is good for my teeth and  bones! Pearl is so wise she knows so many things especially things that are good for me so I will take her advice and make sure that I do not sit here too long, just long enough to give me a healthy glow!!  Love from Sherbet x

Friday, 24 February 2012

Buttercup, the naughty cow

Oh dear , I see the farmer at the end of Wiggleway Lane has left his big, green farm gate open. I will tell you how I know this. As you may or may  not know, I can not actually see Greengate Farm from where I live because we are at opposite ends of the lane and it is also a very wiggly lane.
Here is the story.  This morning, it was a lovely, sunny day and I awoke bright and early, eager to do some weeding in my garden. I was just walking around the side of Clover Cottage picking up fallen twigs as I went, when I heard a very loud MOOOOOO!  I thought to myself that I do not usually hear the cows mooing from Greengate Farm unless the sound travels here on a windy day. Well, I peeped around the back of my cottage and there was a beautiful brown and white cow munching away at  the fresh green grass on my lawn.  I  told him I was very happy to see him there and I hoped he was enjoying the grass but I also told him  the farmer would be missing him and that he was a very naughty cow to come away from the farm without telling the farmer where he was going .
 I did allow him to finish his breakfast as maybe my lawn was a bit tastier than his farmyard breakfast!.
Ten minutes later. I put a loose, comfy, soft lead around his neck( I was careful not to pull too hard or frighten him) and led him back to the farm. The big, green gate was still open so I led him right through and put him back in his field. The farmer saw me and was so grateful. He had not even noticed the open gate yet. I told him the cow had already eaten his breakfast and he thanked me again for taking care of his cow who was called Buttercup.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Homemade jam proudly displayed

Pearl arrived at my kitchen door just in time for breakfast. She had a gift for me. She was carrying six lovely rainbow coloured jars of homemade jam in all shapes and sizes.  She told me that Doodle had painted special labels for her to stick on the jars and that Mango had helped to cut out circles of pretty cotton fabric to cover the lids with. How pretty they are, they will  look absolutely perfect in my kitchen. In fact they are so lovely, that I am going to display them on the shelves in my kitchen  like works of art and not in the cupboard where they would be hidden away. I am very sure that Pearl, Doodle and Mango are all very proud of the beautiful jars of jam that they all helped to create. Pearl  reminded me that the fruit had been grown by me in my amazing garden. Oh yes ! I had forgotten that I had also played my part in this wonderful row of jam jars that I am so proudly displaying on my kitchen shelf !

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pearl gives Sherbet lots of new jam

You know, every time I have sat down to my breakfast lately I have been noticing that I am running out of the delicious jam that Pearl makes for me.
The last time Pearl came to share breakfast with me she also saw that the jam jar was more than half empty in fact it was six eighths gone!  Yes I know you are all very impressed with my arithmetic, I will let you into a secret, Doodle taught me how to do my sums as he is very creative and has to work out problems all the time especially when he makes things out of wood and clay and bits he finds in nature,  he is always doing sums and measuring and making sure things are equal on both sides and things like that. Doodle loves doing sums and says that if he had not learned his sums  he would not be able to make all the wonderful things he makes that give him such joy. I am so grateful to Doodle for teaching me too as it helps me so much when I have to weigh and measure the ingredients for  my lovely healthy recipes and when I have to plant seeds in equal rows in my garden it is easier to get it right.
Well now, back to my jam story. Pearl told me that she had  a cupboard full of lots of different types of jam that she made in the Summer after I had given her lots of fruit from my garden.  She said she would bring a nice selection to me tomorrow morning . Oh good,  I can't wait to see my kitchen cupboards full of jam in all the colours of the rainbow.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Very wise words

My friend Sheila Sheep who lives by the sea, has written to me again with the most wonderful message and I simply must share it with you all as it is so wise, in fact it is so very wise that even Pearl will wish that she had sent it to me .

 The message is



How absolutely wonderful those words are. Mango, Doodle, Pearl and I are all going to learn those words off by heart and when we are going through difficult times we will say those words and know that we have the power to choose the ending we want, we can all choose a happy ending. We have the power.

Thank you Sheila Sheep  for sending those very true and wise words to me.
Love Sherbet X

Monday, 20 February 2012

A new name for the farm at the end of Wiggleway Lane

Well, Pearl, Doodle, Mango and I really enjoyed our scrumptious Italian meal yesterday evening and we are so grateful to the farmer for making it possible. Doodle has painted him a delightful picture of his farm to express our gratitude and we are going to take it over to him this afternoon. After our delicious meal yesterday we all sat around my kitchen table and thought of a name for the farm at the end of Wiggleway Lane so that no-one could get lost ever again trying to find it. We thought of so many names, Mango said it should be called Flower Farm and I said but they do not grow flowers there only wild flowers! Doodle said it could be called Fruit Farm so Pearl said but they do not grow fruit there only wild fruit! I said why not call it Farmer's Farm but Pearl said well, no I am sorry Sherbet but that does sound rather silly. She said I have a good idea that we can tell the farmer, I think it should be called Greengate Farm because it has a big green gate. Oh what a brilliant idea we all said to Pearl. Thank goodness Pearl is so clever, we are so lucky to have such a wise friend. Greengate Farm is a wonderful name and we hope the farmer likes it, we also hope he likes the painting Doodle made especially for him.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Yummy Italian food

Oh how wonderful and how absolutely scrumptiously yummy! The farmer at the farm at the end of Wiggleway Lane has sent me over a basket of Italian food . It was a complete surprise and very welcome I must say. This amazing gift has come about because the farmer had guests who came all the way from Italy. They brought  the lovely selection of  food with them.  The farmer  told me that he does not know how to cook Italian food and he is sure that Pearl, Doodle, Mango and I will enjoy cooking some lovely pasta . I have asked my best friends to come to Clover Cottage this evening and as we all love cooking ( even Mango )  we will all make a lovely, healthy Italian meal.  We can use some fresh vegetables from my garden too. I can't wait, we all love pasta. I see though that there is a bottle of Chianti wine in the basket and we do not drink wine so I will give that back to the farmer and he can give it to his other friends in the nearby village. I know they will appreciate it very much. How kind the farmer is. How very kind of him to think of us and to give us this lovely gift. I will thank the farmer tomorrow and when I see him I will tell him that we simply must help him to find a name for his farm as the strangers that were lost the other day could not find his farm because it has no name, so tonight we will all think of a very good name for the farm and give our idea to the farmer. It is our pleasure to help him with that as he is a very good  neighbour and a very thoughtful friend.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sheila Sheep's giraffe dream

How funny, I was just telling you about my silly dancing crocodile dream yesterday and guess what ?
This morning I had a letter from Sheila Sheep who lives at the seaside. She wrote to  me about a strange, scary dream that she had earlier this week. She told me that she had woken up with her heart beating fast in the middle of the night, she was feeling afraid  because she had just had a dream or maybe it was a nightmare, of a big giraffe trying to get into her bedroom window. In the dream the giraffe, who actually was quite beautiful and nothing to be scared of really, was knocking his nose on the window and suddenly the window broke and he jumped in and started to leap awkwardly around her room. Again, in her dream she hid under her bed covers and was terrified. Sheila was just about to cry out for help when she woke up and looked around believing the dream to be real. Of course it wasn't real and there was no giraffe to be seen. It is strange though, as I know in real life Sheila Sheep loves giraffes and she does know that there is nothing to be afraid of. How funny that both myself and my old friend Sheila Sheep both had  interesting dreams this week.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Crocodile Dream

Last night I had a very silly dream and I cannot imagine why I had that dream. I was fast asleep all night long and when I woke up I remembered my dream straight away as though it were real. Now that I am telling it to you, it seems even sillier. There was a dancing crocodile. he was dancing across a stage, there was very catchy music playing and he was singing along to the music. He just kept dancing backwards and forwards and I was being entertained as if it were a Broadway show but I was the only one in the audience! A show just for me alone! I have no idea what this dream could mean but it was a happy dream and so I imagine it must mean something happy. He was not a scary crocodile, he was a friendly crocodile, he was even wearing a wristwatch! Have you ever heard of such a thing? I will ask Pearl if she knows anything about dreams. She probably does as she is very wise and always has good answers to my questions and my problems. I am so lucky to have a wise friend like Pearl.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lost strangers in Wiggleway Lane

I woke up to the usual quiet and peaceful morning here at Clover Cottage. All I could hear were the birds singing their dawn chorus in my oak tree and my fruit trees. I sat at my breakfast table enjoying my delicious breakfast of porridge followed by toast, butter and the scrumptious strawberry jam that Pearl made for me. All was calm, as it always is so I was very surprised to hear the sound of what sounded like cars and motor bikes outside in Wiggleway Lane! This, I thought, could not be true as Wiggleway Lane is only a small lane and Clover Cottage is right at the end so only my friends or the animals from The farm ever come this way. I opened my front door and to my surprise I did see traffic. There was a blue van and also a motor scooter. They had stopped by my garden gate and coming towards me were some dogs and cats that I had never met before. 

I said welcome to Clover Cottage and introduced myself. They told me that they were lost and asked me to show them the way to the farm at the end of Wiggleway Lane. They had come from a village far far away and were visiting their relatives at the farm for the first time. I offered them all a lovely mug of hot chocolate in my kitchen and then gave them directions to the farm which they must have already passed but as there is no name on the farm it was easy to miss. How lovely to meet new friends from far far away. I was so glad that I could help them, make them something to drink and show them the way to their destination.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sherbet feels very blessed

Oh what a pleasant morning it is at Clover Cottage. I woke up very early to the sound of bird song and as I walked into my garden to enjoy the feel of the morning sunshine on my face and to breathe in the lovely fresh air I looked up and saw rows and rows of pretty birds singing sweetly in the trees. How wonderful, what a beautiful way to start my day. I said hello to them all and thanked them for choosing my garden to sing their lovely chorus in. I am sure it made a very pleasant start to the day for all the little creatures in my garden too. I have heard that the best things in life are free. How true that is ! Sunshine, bird song, little creature friends, new and old friends from near and far, walks along Wiggleway Lane, the perfume of the flowers in my garden and the fruit and vegetables that grow in all the colours of the rainbow. I am so blessed to have so many things around me that give me joy.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I wish you all a lovely day filled with lots of love and hugs and flowers and harmony and sweetness and light. I must say that today I am blushing again as I have received a Valentine's card from my mystery admirer. It had been pushed under my front door early this morning and I found it just as I was about to prepare my breakfast. Well, I opened the envelope very slowly and inside there was a beautiful card with hearts on the front and inside it said  To Sherbet Sheep with love from a secret admirer! I feel very flattered and take it as a great compliment that someone is thinking of me with such affection. I put the card on my kitchen table where I could look at it as I ate my breakfast. I was wondering who could have sent it, when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and my dear friend Pearl Pig was standing there.

Pearl had brought me a bunch of snowdrops from her garden as a Valentine's gift and I asked her if she knew who could have sent me the card. Pearl told me that she did actually know but was not sure if she should tell me as it was a secret. I asked her very nicely to please tell me so that I could solve the mystery and she decided that I really should be told so that I should not lose sleep over it. She told me that my admirer was in fact at my birthday party but was too shy to talk to me. It is in fact a friend of Pearls who came to the party with a cow from the farm at the end of Wiggleway  Lane. Pearl told me that her friend's name was Poppy Pig and that she was very pretty but very shy.

She told me that at my party she was dancing with her ballroom dancing partner, Crispin Cow. Now that I think back to my party I do remember a pretty pig glancing at me shyly from the corner of her eye and I remember she blushed when I smiled at her while we were all eating birthday cake. Now the mystery is solved, I must remember to thank her for the lovely red rose  that she left on my doorstep and then she will know that I know that she is my admirer, but not so secret anymore !!

Monday, 13 February 2012

An unwelcome visitor to the farm at the end of Wiggleway Lane

Oh dear, this morning there was some alarming news from the farmer at the end of Wiggleway Lane. A red fox had been seen hiding behind a bush watching the chickens, no doubt he had a tasty chicken dinner in mind. The farmer told me that his sheep were alarmed and all ran away and gathered together in the corner of the field. This is how the farmer knew there may be a naughty fox around. Luckily all the animals at the farm were safe as the Sheep Dog came to the rescue. The Sheep Dog saw the fox and barked his loudest, most scary bark and frightened the fox away. The Sheep Dog had been waiting for a good opportunity to be a guardian angel to his sheep and I must say he did a very good job. We all hope the fox will never come back again to frighten all the animals in and around Wiggleway Lane and Clover Cottage. Thank goodness we are all safe. Thank you Sheep Dog for your good work in protecting us all.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Snow and apple pie

This morning I felt like going for a lovely walk along Wiggleway Lane. I asked Mango and Doodle to go with me as the air was fresh and clean and I thought it would do us all good to breathe in some lovely fresh air. Pearl was too busy baking apple pies to come with us but as we are all looking forward to tasting the scrumptious pies, we did not mind that she was not there to enjoy the walk with us. It was a very quiet, cold day, there were no birds singing in the trees and no bees buzzing and no frogs croaking. We walked in silence just enjoying the peace. We were just passing the farm which seemed deserted, as all of the animals were resting in their cosy barns and stables, when it started to snow. We were all so surprised to see how quickly the snow flakes were settling on our heads. Poor, little, shivering Mango.  I picked him up quickly and tucked him into my wool and we all hurried back to Clover Cottage where Doodle made us all mugs of delicious hot chocolate. We soon warmed up and a little while later there was a knock on the door and when I opened it, there stood Pearl holding two lovely apple pies.  How lovely, we were now all together and spent a lovely, cosy morning enjoying each others company and eating warm apple pie.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Kathy Cat cooks a scrumptious meal for Sherbet Sheep

Well, I have very good news today, I have heard from my new sheep friends from far far away that Hug a Sheep Day is on October 27th so it gives all of us sheep plenty of time to make sure our wool is silky soft and smelling sweet ready for a lovely day full of hugs. I must say that I do feel particularly handsome lately after the lovely bath I had before my party. Pearl put some special lotion on my wool to bring out my curls and even though I am usually a very modest sheep, I must say that when I looked at myself in the mirror I thought I looked just like a film star. Forgive me if I sound a little vain but it is always best to be honest. I actually have a guest here with me today at Clover Cottage. Kathy Cat has come to share a meal with me and not only is she sharing a meal but she is at this very moment in my cosy kitchen very kindly cooking it for me. We both love to eat lots of vegetables in all the colours of the rainbow, so I picked her a big basket full of fresh, healthy vegetables from my garden and she is inventing something very scrumptious with them, I know this as there are some very delicious smells coming from my kitchen and it is making me very hungry.  Yummy Yummy said my tummy! Oh, Kathy Cat  has just called me and told me that the food is ready . I must rush off now .  Goodbye for now. Love Sherbet x

Friday, 10 February 2012

A kind Sheep Dog

 This morning, I went  for a little walk to tell all the sheep at the farm at the end of Wiggleway  Lane about Hug a Sheep Day.They were so happy to hear my news even though we are not sure which day it is yet. I will have to ask my new sheep friends from far far away to let me know which day it is. When I had returned back to Clover Cottage after my walk, I was just sitting in my garden resting under my oak tree, when the black and white Sheep Dog from the farm came to look for me. He came over to say hello, I gave him  a drink of milk from the jug of milk I keep for the hedgehogs and asked him why he had come to look for me. He told me that the sheep had told him the news and he wanted to help to look after all the sheep who gather together for Hug a Sheep Day. He said it was his job to make sure none of the sheep get lost and he wanted to be a kind of guardian angel on that special day.
What a good idea!  What a kind Sheep Dog he is. I told him I would really welcome his help when the special day comes.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hug a Sheep Day

Guess What? I have heard from some new sheep friends that live far far away that there is something called Hug a Sheep Day. I am not sure when it is yet but how absolutely wonderful! I did not know that before. Just imagine everyone all around the world hugging a sheep for just one special day. What could be nicer!
Isn't it funny that we learn something new every day
Thank you new sheep friends for telling me that news. I am very grateful to you all and I will be sure to tell all the sheep at the farm at the end of Wiggleway Lane that they too have lots of hugs to look forward to on one special day every year .

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mango is a very helpful mouse but a little bit naughty

Early this morning, I heard a tiny knock on my door. It was Mango all eager and ready for work. I let him in to my cosy kitchen and I shared my delicious breakfast with him. I must say I have been eating so much of Pearl's scrumptious blackberry jam, that the jar is now more empty than full. After Mango had so very kindly washed up the breakfast dishes, we started work in the garden. It was a lovely, sunny day so I was not worried that Mango would catch cold. I spent all morning weeding and was so pleased to see the garden looking all neat and tidy again. Mango did a really wonderful job of gathering all of the leaves together. He was a little bit naughty though, as when I looked around, I saw him jumping up and down in his pile of leaves and nearly getting lost in them. Mango is becoming rather famous for getting himself lost in leaves but I did manage to pull him out before he disappeared completely!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Back to a quiet life

Well, here I am almost back to my normal quiet life at Clover Cottage. It was so lovely to see my garden full of my friends, old and new but I can also now enjoy the peace and quiet with all the little creatures in my garden. The sun has been shining quite warmly this morning so the snow is melting, maybe  tomorrow I can do lots of garden tasks. I am looking through my kitchen window and I see the weeds have started to grow again and there are lots of leaves to clear away as it has been quite windy too. I can see them popping through the melting snow right at this minute as I am talking to you. I will ask Mango to help me as he loves leaves even though he does sometimes get lost in them.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Oh, It's snowing again!

It has been such an amazing weekend and I really have to tell you that I am feeling a little bit tired after so much excitement. Today I just want to sit under my apple tree and relax. I have lots of letters to write to all of my friends from far far away to thank them all for coming to my party.

Oh dear, it has just started to snow very heavily so I cannot sit under my apple tree. I will sit in my cosy cottage instead and keep warm. I do hope the postman will be able to get through the snow to pick up my letters from the post box at the end of Wiggleway Lane. It looks like the snow is settling and may become quite deep. I would hate for his red postman's van  to get stuck in the snow.  I will have to check that the hedgehogs' milk does not freeze and I do hope the water does not freeze in the pond or the frogs will not know where to go. I do hope all the little creatures in my garden can stay warm enough in their various little nooks.  I would invite them all into my cottage during these cold days but I am afraid to tell you that lots of them are so shy that they hide up and I just cannot find them. I do so worry about all the little creatures when the snow falls.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

My favourite poem

Today I am resting, so I am going to recite my favourite poem about me.

Sherbet Sheep woke from sleep 
at six o’clock in the morning.
He sat and ate boiled egg with toast 
just as the day was dawning.

Today, thought Sherbet I must start
to make my garden a work of art.
I want to plant a flower bed
with blooms of purple, pink and red. 

I want to grow some beans and peas,
tomatoes, cucumber and salad leaves.
I’d like to put some wooden chairs
near trees of cherries, plums and pears.

So Sherbet rode upon his bike
to choose the plants that he would like.
The garden shop was in a street
with a bank, a bakers and a place to eat. 

Sherbet went inside and found
seeds and flower plants all around.
A watering can and great big pots
A long green hose and string for knots.

Some garden chairs some cane bamboo
Some rakes and spades and fruit trees too!
Onto his bike Sherbet piled up high,
his garden treasures to the sky. 

His pots and plants and flowers and seeds
His watering can and rake for weeds.
His chairs, his spade, his canes and hose
Three fruit trees and one bright pink rose.

At twelve o’clock he ate a dish
of carrots, onions, rice and fish.
At half past one his task began,
he started on his garden plan.

He planted flowers high and low,
pink, purple, red all in a row.
Arranged more blooms in great big pots
with patterns of stripes and squares and spots.

The seeds he sprinkled on the soil
will grow into salad to eat with oil
With vinegar, pepper, salt and spices
With butter and bread in nice thick slices.

The peas and beans, tomatoes too,
will all grow tall on cane bamboo.
When all the seeds were in the ground
and all the flowers arranged around.

When the trees of fruit were standing tall
When the rake and spade were by the wall
When the garden chairs were in their place
And a bird house added just in case

Sherbet went at ten to six
to eat his noodles with chopsticks
A bowl of cream and raspberry pie
Just as the sun set in the sky.

He took his watering can and hose,
to spray his plants and one pink rose
To help them grow throughout the night,
to keep them strong ‘til morning light.

The moon shone down   
it’s time to sleep 

for tired and weary
Sherbet Sheep.

The days went by the weeks passed too
And Sherbet's garden grew and grew
He watered flowers and raked the weeds.
He watched the vegetables grow from seeds.

The honey bees all buzzed around
Some big green frogs jumped on the ground.
The birds ate fruit from Sherbet's trees
A caterpillar lived in the peas.

A spider spun webs in the chair
A white mouse slept without a care.
Sherbet was a happy sheep
his perfect garden was complete.

He sat upon his wooden chair
and watched the birds fly in the air.
His weeks of work were all worthwhile
Because Sherbet's garden made him SMILE !

Saturday, 4 February 2012

What an amazing birthday party!

What an absolutely wonderfully amazing birthday party I had yesterday. Thank you all so much for sharing it with me. Clover Cottage looked so beautiful, full of multicoloured balloons and vases of flowers that Mango so kindly gathered from my garden. I had such a lovely surprise, all of my closest relatives came from their fields near and far. They were in such a happy mood and had such fun dancing the conga all around my garden. We all laughed and clapped with joy.

Then it was the turn of all the pigs from the farm at the end of Wiggleway Lane. They all danced in a long long conga line too. Oh what fun we all had watching them. It was so exciting that we all joined in, and our conga line spilled over into Wiggleway Lane. I hope we didn't disturb my neighbour the farmer. Oh how we all enjoyed ourselves. We had rainbow coloured cupcakes and we played all our favourite party games. I knew a surprise was coming to me, and Pearl told me to close my eyes. Everyone gathered around and became very, very quiet. Even the birds in the trees had closed their beaks. Even the frogs in the pond had stopped croaking. Even the caterpillars had stopped munching the lettuce. Even the hedgehogs had stopped rustling in the leaves. There was perfect silence. All of a sudden everyone started to sing:


I opened my eyes, and, oh my goodness, there stood two beautiful fairies holding a stupendous birthday cake. I could not believe my eyes, the cake was so huge and full of all the colours of the rainbow. Pearl cut the cake and Doodle and Mango handed everyone a scrumptious piece each. It was such a lovely cake, I think it was called a fairy cake. How so very kind of my best friends to do this for me. I am so very blessed and I am so very grateful to have such wonderful friends, both old and new and how lovely to see all my relatives again. My old friends Reginald Rabbit, Kathy Cat, Milly Mouse, Kizzie the horse, Sheila Sheep and Mark Mole stayed the night cosily in my cottage as they came from far far away. Thank you all for coming to my party. It was so wonderful.  You know you are always most welcome. Love Sherbet x

Friday, 3 February 2012

It's my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! Oh, I'm so excited!

Oh it is so exciting. Today at 3 in the afternoon I am having a birthday party. I will not tell you how old I am as a sheep never tells his age. I have so many of my old friends coming and lots of new friends so I am looking forward very much to having a lovely party with lots of fun. If you will excuse me now I cannot write much as I am expecting Mango and  Doodle and Pearl to come and help me get Clover Cottage ready for my big  event. We have to prepare lots of tasty, healthy food for our guests and decorate the house with lots of colourful balloons. All of my vases will be filled with fresh flowers from my garden, I will give that task to Mango, he loves picking flowers and he always picks the ones with the best scent. I often find him in my garden with his nose in the flowers. You are all very welcome to my party and I look forward so much to seeing you all there. Here is a picture of Clover Cottage so that you can find it easily when you reach the other end of Wiggleway Lane. If you get lost please just ask one of the other guests that you will see walking along the lane and they will guide you to Clover Cottage. I will be waiting for you at the door to welcome you to my amazing garden and to my wonderful party. Love from Sherbet x

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sherbet gets a lovely surprise when Dot the spotty cat brings him some flowers and a message from Kathy Cat

What a pleasant surprise I had this morning. Kathy Cat has sent one of her friends over to give me a message and some flowers. Her friend is called Dot, she is covered in beautiful pink spots. The message is that Kathy Cat will be coming to my birthday party tomorrow. Even though she lives far far away she will find her way here by riding on her friend Kizzie the horse. She said she will also bring Milly Mouse who will ride on Kizzie's head and keep her balance by holding onto Kizzie's ears. That will be lovely,  I do so look forward to seeing my friend Kathy Cat again and maybe as she is coming so soon she can remind Doodle of the names of the trees. I think it is so wonderful how all of my friends are helping each other especially when some of them are so little like Milly Mouse. It would be very difficult for her to come all the way here on her own as her legs are so tiny it would take her such a long time that she would miss the party.

I had a lovely bath this afternoon to make myself especially handsome for my party tomorrow. I used some lovely scented  bubble bath given to me as a birthday present from Pearl, it was scented with flowers from my garden. How lovely it feels to have soft, clean, scented wool.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sherbet needs to rest to get his strength back for his amazing party on Friday

I have been so busy preparing for my party that I am feeling very tired. I am just going to sit on my flowerpot this morning and rest. Please forgive me but I have to get my strength back for my amazing party on Friday. Love Sherbet x