Monday, 3 February 2014

Sherbet has been studying a woodpecker

 Today is my birthday and also the birthday of my dear friend Reginald Rabbit who now lives in a wonderful place far far away . I stop myself being sad about that because I know that at the same time he is here with me every day.
 I have been away for a long time.
 Oh how I have missed you all.  I have been living in the nearby forest studying the life of a very rarely seen spotted woodpecker.   Oh how I love that little woodpecker. I first saw him when he made a visit to the oak tree in my garden . When he flew away, I followed him to the forest at the end of Wiggleway Lane, to see where his nest was.
 I then went back again the next day and made a hidey hole hut.  I collected  fallen branches that had lots of leafy bits on them and started making my hut.  When it was cosy enough and waterproof enough and windproof enough and completely finished to the best of my ability, I went back to Clover Cottage to stock up with all the things I would need to survive for a few weeks alone in the forest. I loaded them all into the basket on my bike and rode back to my hut. Oh what an adventure it was.  I sat for hours and hours in silence waiting for the woodpecker to show up and when he did I was filled with delight!  I watched him and wrote notes about him and made lots of little drawings of him.  When night time came,  I was a little bit afraid sleeping in my hut all alone. It was very dark and I kept hearing an owl hooting nearby.  I told myself it was not a ghost and that made me braver.  Well  now I am back at Clover Cottage and enjoying my comfy bed and my cosy kitchen again.  I must say I will always visit my new woodpecker friend but at the same time I do so hope he visits me in  my garden again to spend time in my oak tree. Love from Sherbetx