Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sherbet has arrived at the seaside but is very tired

Oh hello dear friends,  I must tell you that I have arrived at the seaside and I am very happy indeed to see the smiley face of my old friend Sheila sheep again.  I see that she has had her wool cut into a very lovely wavy style and she looks very beautiful indeed .
I am afraid I am not very good company for her yet though because I am very, very tired after my long journey so I am not quite ready to enjoy lovely long walks along the beach.  I am going to rest and sleep for a long time until I have my strength back then when I wake up I will have a spring in my step again and I will start to enjoy my little holiday by the sea and the very delightful company of my dear friend Sheila sheep.  I will see you all again when I wake up !
 Love from a very sleepy Sherbet sheep x

Monday, 26 November 2012

Sherbet is going to the seaside

Well, as you can see I am a little bit dressed up today.  I  have started to pack my suitcase  because soon I will be leaving to stay with Sheila sheep at the seaside. Oh what fun I will have.  I am so looking forward to having long walks along the beach, frolicking in the sand dunes and then relaxing in  a wonderful cafe that Sheila sheep is going to take me to, called Cafe Blah Blahh.  I have heard that they make the most delicious healthy food and I am really hoping to meet the Queen of England there too as I know she has a country house nearby and she may just pop in for a cup of tea while I am there.
 I will talk to you again when I am settled into Sheila sheep's house and when I have unpacked my suitcase.
Love from Sherbetx

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sherbet has a visit from his very good friends Eli and Ada

Happy Sunday to all of my dear friends both nearby and far far away. I truly wish you all a very blessed, happy day with lots of joy and smiles.
I must tell you that 2 of my very special friends, who have moved far far away came back to visit me. Their names are Eli and Ada and they are very good indeed and almost never naughty. They are very clever and artistic and create so many beautiful things. They came here all the way from far far away to enjoy a very special Thanksgiving day and were staying just at the other end of Wiggleway Lane, around a corner and along a very bumpy road indeed!  Today they are travelling back to their new home on a big aeroplane. I will miss them very much indeed until I see them again.
So, that is all for now. I have some very exciting stories to tell you very soon  but for now I will have a little rest and talk to you again tomorrow.
By the way I am not sure if I showed you the drawing book I bought myself in Paris so here it is. Oh please do forgive me if you have already seen it but I am very proud of it and I plan to do my very best drawings in it !
Love from Sherbetx

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of my friends

Happy Thanksgiving Day  to all of my friends both nearby and  far far away who are celebrating this wonderful day.
 It is a day when we count our blessings and give thanks for them.
 I am counting each one of my blessings here at Clover Cottage and I am very, very grateful to be such a very fortunate and blessed Sherbet sheep.
 I have invited Pearl, Mango and Doodle to share  a  delicious  dinner with me this evening.  I have picked one of my best and biggest pumpkins from my vegetable garden and Pearl has promised to make us all a scrumptious pumpkin pie.
Oh, I am so looking  forward to sharing  a happy evening full of gratitude with my very best friends.
Love from a very thankful Sherbet sheep x

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sherbet is here again

At last here I am.  I have been a very naughty Sherbet sheep as I have not written my stories for lots of days now.
 You see,  I have not been feeling in my best health. The cough I had in Paris has not gone completely away and I have been staying at Pearl's house where she has been looking after me with delicious home made soup and hot tea and lovely soothing drinks made with lemon and honey to make my cough go away.
 I am feeling a little bit better and I also have something wonderful to look forward to.
  When I am perfectly well I am going to visit Sheila sheep  at the seaside and she is going to take me to a very famous cafe called Cafe Blah Blah.
 It is not too far from  where the Queen of England has one of her country houses and I hope that the day I go the Queen will be in there having a nice cup of tea.  What a lovely surprise that would be for me and what fun!
That's all for now.  Here is picture of me keeping very warm sitting on the radiator in Manu mouse's house in Paris.
 Love from your dear friend Sherbetx

Friday, 9 November 2012

Sherbet visits Marie mouse's design studio

 I am at home again now, back at Clover Cottage, after my long train journey from Paris.
 I am a little bit tired and have a little bit of a cough but I am content to be back looking after my garden and the little creatures that live there
 My last morning in Paris was very pleasant indeed. I did feel well enough to go and visit my dear friend Marie mouse in her brand new design studio. I loved riding on the metro and needed to change trains only once.  Luckily I could just about reach the ticket machine !   Then from the metro station I had a walk of  about 5 minutes and there she was!  I found her in a  quiet, narrow street !  Her name was written on the door and I could see her inside . How exciting it was and how wonderful to see her again and to see the lovely place where she works all day long. I could not resist having my picture taken in there with all the lovely brushes and rainbow coloured paints.  I cannot wait to go and visit her again!
 Love from Sherbetx .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Mixed mushrooms for dinner Yummy!

 Here I am with a delicious selection of mushrooms. We bought them from the shop around the corner  but it is just the right time of year to go into the woods and collect them.
  I must tell you that  Mango's Aunty Manu and I had the most wonderful dinner with these mushrooms.  It was truly scrumptious. I wish I could find these in the woods near Wiggleway Lane  but I do not think they grow there.  It is just as well because I know that to gather mushrooms from the forests I would have to be very, very careful as there could be some very dangerous mushrooms indeed.  I have  a book at Clover Cottage that teaches me about collecting  wild mushrooms but I would still be afraid to do it without the help of a  mushroom  expert !
 I am feeling a little bit better today. I am resting and keeping warm and I will  go to bed early tonight . Tomorrow afternoon I am going back to Clover Cottage on the big train from Paris.  I will be very sad to leave,  I have had a wonderful time but I have to get back to look after my garden and all the little creatures that live there.

Here are some of the delicious berries and  home made jam that I saw in the market. What a wonderful time of year !  So many yummy things to eat. I am sure Pearl has made lots of jam too.  I will look forward to sharing a lovely breakfast of toast and jam with her when I get back to Clover Cottage. Love from Sherbetx


What a wonderful day for President Obama !   He has been elected President of the United States of America again.
I am so happy for him .   I am still in Paris so I am sending him this lovely bottle of French champagne to help him celebrate.
  So - To President Obama from Sherbet Sheep of Clover Cottage in Wiggleway Lane       CONGRATULATIONS

Sherbet has seen so much scrumptious food

Here I am again ,  the very famous French Sherbet sheep in Paris.  My very favourite city.

 I have been walking around today looking at all the delicious food that is absolutely everywhere.

So many things are reminding me of my lovely country life back at Clover Cottage .  Even though we are in a city I am still surrounded by rainbow coloured, freshly gathered vegetables and the most scrumptious, crusty, tasty  bread .

 I have seen the most delicious looking tarts in a  shop window. I have a picture here to show you.

  I must tell you though that I was right about my sore throat. I now have a nasty cold and a very runny nose indeed!  I am going to stay in the warm today and try and get well.

 I am usually a very healthy Sherbet sheep.  Perhaps it was all that rain, or maybe I picked up a horrible  germ from the crowded metro train.  Well I just hope I feel better tomorrow as I did want to visit a very good friend of  mine,  Marie mouse who has a design studio here in Paris.
 Meanwhile I must tell you that  Aunty Manu mouse has bought a truly delicious mixture of wild mushrooms and  scrummy bunches of herbs . We will cook them this evening for our dinner.
Oh it is such fun here,   I have seen so many very beautiful rainbow coloured flowers and I wish I could take them all back with me to Clover Cottage but  I will have to be content with my photographs.

Oh well that is all for now. I must rest as I am feeling a little bit unwell.   Love from Sherbetx

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sherbet has fun going out to a bistro

I must tell you that I had a lot of fun going out to a bistro in a lovely little Parisian street.
 I am sure they are not used to seeing a sheep like me sitting on the table. The chairs were a little bit too big for me, not like Clover Cottage at all!

I had a truly delightful time reading the menu all in French . I must say that I did remember the French I learned at sheep school very well indeed.

 I am not used to going out in the dark.
  but here I am.  You can see a picture of me below on my walk back from the bistro

Where I live in Wiggleway Lane I only go out in daylight so it was fun for me to see the bright lights in Paris

I have lots of photos to show you of my adventures so I will put some here today and put some more tomorrow.

The only problem I had was that it has been raining a lot here in Paris and I did want to sit on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower and have my photo taken.
 The grass is wet and I don't think  it is good for me to sit on it.  I must say that I am a little bit worried as I have a little bit of a sore throat and I think it means that I may get a cold .  Oh dear!
On my home from the bistro, very near to Aunty Manu's house I saw a sign that reminded me of the new French Sherbet sheep that I have become in Paris.
 You see, as I said a minute ago I do not go out at night  usually, and now I have been very brave and gone out in the dark! The  little sign below is showing this new brave Sherbet sheep!
I am very proud of myself .

I know you may think I look a little bit drunk  after my evening out in Paris, because my clothes are all crooked, but you know me very well by now and you know I never drink anything except  mint tea, water, hot chocolate, freshly squeezed juices  and home made lemonade.

I think I must ask Kathy cat to make me a raincoat because I really do not like my wool to get wet in the rain or maybe I can find an umbrella that is small enough for me.

When I arrived  back to Aunt Manu's house, I was so tired that I could hardly walk up the stairs. I  have such little legs and the stairs are so steep and go up in a big spiral. I just had to sit down a minute and rest. There is a funny little sign on the old wooden stairs.  I am sure it has been there for hundreds and hundreds  and hundreds of years just like the very squeaky floorboards In Mango's Aunt Manu's house.
 It means WIPE YOUR FEET PLEASE !!  So I did!
Love from a very tired and happy Sherbet sheepx

Monday, 5 November 2012

Sherbet's delicious French breakfast

Oh what a delicious French breakfast I had this morning.
 I woke up early and when I looked out of the window I saw that it was a little bit rainy here in Paris.  Mango's Aunt Manu was still sleeping so I crept out trying not to squeak the floorboards too much.  I took myself on a lovely walk around the corner to a very special boulangerie where I found 2 beautiful crunchy crusted baguettes.
 The rain had stopped and I managed to get them home free of raindrops and soggy bits.
  Aunt Manu had made us a lovely hot pot of tea and had put out 2 kinds of scrumptious home made jam
( confiture). One was made of some special red peaches called vinyard peaches that grow on a tree in Manu's mother's garden, and the other one was made of juicy French apricots.  I could not decide which was the best so I was a little bit greedy and spread both of them on my bread. Yummy yum, I enjoyed my breakfast so much, what a treat it was for me .
 It was Sunday yesterday and it was very quiet in the streets around Manu's house. We both went out and walked and walked, looking in the delightfully beautiful shop windows as we went, the sky was blue, and it was not very cold.  We are eating so much delicious food every day that we wanted to get lots of exercise and so we did,  but when we came home we both felt very tired and just flopped down  and relaxed with a lovely cup of tea.  Yesterday I had bought myself a lovely present from a wonderful shop. A brand new drawing book. Here it is in my picture. Doodle will be very proud of me that I am taking the time to draw while I am here.
I must rush off now as we are going to eat in a very cosy Parisian bistro. I will talk to you all again tomorrow. Love and hugs from a very French Sherbet sheepx

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Paris adventures with Sherbet Sheep. What fun!

Oh my goodness, I am having such a wonderful time here in my favourite city, Paris. One of the reasons that I love it here so much is all of the scrumptious food I can see everywhere in every single street and every single market.
It is so delightfully rainbow coloured and it reminds me of my vegetable garden at Clover Cottage except that I could not hope to grow all of the magnificent things I see here.  Every grocery and food shop window and market stall is truly a visual feast and my mouth is watering on every corner.
 I am going to put lots of my photos on my stories pages while I am here so that you can share my experience with me. I wish you could all be walking around these lovely streets with me. It is a little bit cold but I have my woolly coat to keep me warm. As you can see I am wearing a new French beret made for me by the very talented Kathy cat. She is truly very clever indeed .
 I found the very smelly cheese shop that is near to Mango's Auntie's house. I know that both Mango mouse and Manu mouse just love that smelly cheese but I just want to run away from
it !  I think you can see from my picture how very smelly it is, you may even be able to smell
 it !  I found myself  missing Clover Cottage a little bit when I saw a big bunch of carrots that looked a lot like the ones I grow in my garden, How beautiful they were, with lush green leaves and  the  best orange colour, just like carrots should be.
Oh what joy. I saw so many scrumptious looking herbs too,  just waiting to be put into a deliciously healthy dinner. Oh yummy,  I am very excited to see all of this scrummyness. I wish I could grow such big, huge bunches of herbs like the ones I see here.  You must forgive  me for being so madly happy at the sight of all of this absolutely delectable rainbow coloured perfection but as you know healthy food is one of my great passions and it is all displayed so beautifully everywhere I look, a real wonder to behold, as you will see in more of my photos tomorrow .

Tomorrow I will walk and walk and walk again. I might have a lovely ride on the metro too  I know that I am only a little Sherbet sheep but I am a very adventurous sheep and I like to fill my days up with happy things. I wonder what fun things I will see tomorrow.  I will wake up very early and I will go to the shop around the corner and buy a delicious, crunchy crusted baguette for breakfast.
 I must say that I ended my perfect day with a last look at the famous, magnificent Eiffel Tower.

 I am very grateful to have had such a lovely day today. I am very blessed and cannot wait until tomorrow. I wonder what surprises will be in store for me as I wander around the streets again. There is so much to see and to love here.

  When I went back to Mango's Aunty Manu mouse's  house, I tiptoed along on her squeaky floorboards ( they still squeaked loudly) and flopped down in absolute  tiredness. Oh what happy dreams I will have tonight. Goodnight  everyone. See you tomorrow.
From a very tired but happy Sherbet Sheepx

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Sherbet has arrived in Paris. What fun!

 Bonjour dearest friends from nearby and far far away. I am here in Paris !  I am a little bit tired and am just resting after my long journey.  It was a very exciting journey, I  travelled all the way from Clover Cottage and Wiggleway Lane to a huge train station in London called St Pancras.  Then  I went on a very big, long, silver train called Eurostar.  It went from London all the way to the middle of Paris. I had seat by the window but I couldn't see out of the windows very well as I am only a very little Sherbet sheep but in any case the train went under the sea inside a big dark tunnel so it didn't matter much that I couldn't see and when the daylight came back again I was in France !   What totally scrumptious fun, I do love to travel. It only took me two and a half hours and then there I was right in the middle of Paris and everyone was speaking French so I had to remember everything I had learned at school very quickly ! Fun! Fun ! Fun!. I am a very fortunate Sherbet sheep because Mango's wonderful Aunt Manu
 ( Manu mouse) was waiting to meet me.  I gave her a great big hug and she took me to her very cosy, warm  house. I must say that her house is very old and has the squeakiest floorboards I have ever walked on in my life!  I am so happy to be here though it is truly a wonderful rainbow coloured adventure. I will be staying here for nearly one week. and  you know me, I will eat lots and lots of  healthy, scrummy food. Of course !.  Salut ! Love from Sherbetx

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sherbet has very exciting news indeed

 I am sitting here on my flowerpot and I am feeling so excited .   I have some wonderful news to tell you. My dear little friend Mango mouse told me that his Aunty, who lives in Paris  has invited me to visit her.( I think maybe she needs help with her garden ! )  I  have decided to go tomorrow. Oh what very good fun!  I love Paris so much, I really do think it is my very favourite city in the whole wide world. Mango's Aunty is called  Manu mouse,  Mango told me that Manu is short for Emmanuelle which is a very long name indeed and I am glad I will not have to call her that when I go. Maybe I should call her Aunty Manu even though she isn't my own Aunty. I am sure she will not mind. I have heard that she is very kind and lives in a warm, cosy house so I am looking forward to staying with her.  Mango told me that there is a shop near Aunty Manu's house that sells lots of different kinds of cheese which he and his Aunty just love to eat. I myself do not eat that French cheese as some of it is very smelly indeed . I am very tired now so I have to get a good night's sleep to make me bright and fresh for my wonderful adventures in Paris. Goodnight dear friends. Happy dreams. Love from Sherbetx