Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sherbet has seen so much scrumptious food

Here I am again ,  the very famous French Sherbet sheep in Paris.  My very favourite city.

 I have been walking around today looking at all the delicious food that is absolutely everywhere.

So many things are reminding me of my lovely country life back at Clover Cottage .  Even though we are in a city I am still surrounded by rainbow coloured, freshly gathered vegetables and the most scrumptious, crusty, tasty  bread .

 I have seen the most delicious looking tarts in a  shop window. I have a picture here to show you.

  I must tell you though that I was right about my sore throat. I now have a nasty cold and a very runny nose indeed!  I am going to stay in the warm today and try and get well.

 I am usually a very healthy Sherbet sheep.  Perhaps it was all that rain, or maybe I picked up a horrible  germ from the crowded metro train.  Well I just hope I feel better tomorrow as I did want to visit a very good friend of  mine,  Marie mouse who has a design studio here in Paris.
 Meanwhile I must tell you that  Aunty Manu mouse has bought a truly delicious mixture of wild mushrooms and  scrummy bunches of herbs . We will cook them this evening for our dinner.
Oh it is such fun here,   I have seen so many very beautiful rainbow coloured flowers and I wish I could take them all back with me to Clover Cottage but  I will have to be content with my photographs.

Oh well that is all for now. I must rest as I am feeling a little bit unwell.   Love from Sherbetx

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thecrazysheeplady said...

You are having such an exciting trip, Sherbet :-D.