Saturday, 3 November 2012

Sherbet has arrived in Paris. What fun!

 Bonjour dearest friends from nearby and far far away. I am here in Paris !  I am a little bit tired and am just resting after my long journey.  It was a very exciting journey, I  travelled all the way from Clover Cottage and Wiggleway Lane to a huge train station in London called St Pancras.  Then  I went on a very big, long, silver train called Eurostar.  It went from London all the way to the middle of Paris. I had seat by the window but I couldn't see out of the windows very well as I am only a very little Sherbet sheep but in any case the train went under the sea inside a big dark tunnel so it didn't matter much that I couldn't see and when the daylight came back again I was in France !   What totally scrumptious fun, I do love to travel. It only took me two and a half hours and then there I was right in the middle of Paris and everyone was speaking French so I had to remember everything I had learned at school very quickly ! Fun! Fun ! Fun!. I am a very fortunate Sherbet sheep because Mango's wonderful Aunt Manu
 ( Manu mouse) was waiting to meet me.  I gave her a great big hug and she took me to her very cosy, warm  house. I must say that her house is very old and has the squeakiest floorboards I have ever walked on in my life!  I am so happy to be here though it is truly a wonderful rainbow coloured adventure. I will be staying here for nearly one week. and  you know me, I will eat lots and lots of  healthy, scrummy food. Of course !.  Salut ! Love from Sherbetx


Sheepmom said...

Hi Sherbet! What fun to take a trip! Do be careful and have fun! Eat some French onion soup for me!
Love, sheepmom

Sherbet Sheep said...

I am having a wonderful time here in Paris, I am having my photo taken quite a lot. I have not found any French onion soup yet but I have seen lots of French onions! Love from Sherbetx