Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sherbet has very exciting news indeed

 I am sitting here on my flowerpot and I am feeling so excited .   I have some wonderful news to tell you. My dear little friend Mango mouse told me that his Aunty, who lives in Paris  has invited me to visit her.( I think maybe she needs help with her garden ! )  I  have decided to go tomorrow. Oh what very good fun!  I love Paris so much, I really do think it is my very favourite city in the whole wide world. Mango's Aunty is called  Manu mouse,  Mango told me that Manu is short for Emmanuelle which is a very long name indeed and I am glad I will not have to call her that when I go. Maybe I should call her Aunty Manu even though she isn't my own Aunty. I am sure she will not mind. I have heard that she is very kind and lives in a warm, cosy house so I am looking forward to staying with her.  Mango told me that there is a shop near Aunty Manu's house that sells lots of different kinds of cheese which he and his Aunty just love to eat. I myself do not eat that French cheese as some of it is very smelly indeed . I am very tired now so I have to get a good night's sleep to make me bright and fresh for my wonderful adventures in Paris. Goodnight dear friends. Happy dreams. Love from Sherbetx

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Sheila WB said...

Bon voyage Sherbet xxx