Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sherbet is here again

At last here I am.  I have been a very naughty Sherbet sheep as I have not written my stories for lots of days now.
 You see,  I have not been feeling in my best health. The cough I had in Paris has not gone completely away and I have been staying at Pearl's house where she has been looking after me with delicious home made soup and hot tea and lovely soothing drinks made with lemon and honey to make my cough go away.
 I am feeling a little bit better and I also have something wonderful to look forward to.
  When I am perfectly well I am going to visit Sheila sheep  at the seaside and she is going to take me to a very famous cafe called Cafe Blah Blah.
 It is not too far from  where the Queen of England has one of her country houses and I hope that the day I go the Queen will be in there having a nice cup of tea.  What a lovely surprise that would be for me and what fun!
That's all for now.  Here is picture of me keeping very warm sitting on the radiator in Manu mouse's house in Paris.
 Love from your dear friend Sherbetx

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