Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sherbet is sitting in the bluebells

Ah what glorious bluebells!   How blessed I am to be sitting here with these pretty little flowers that seem to have been created especially for me to match the colour of  my cap.  I was a little bit afraid that you wouldn't be able to see me,  but here I  am popping my head through the flowers.  I feel like a work of art !   Love from Sherbetx

Sherbet is spreading sunshine and light to the whole wide world

Ah, here I am having a nice little rest. Look at these beautiful little purple flowers.  How blessed I am to be able to sit in this lovely patch of colour.  As you can see from this lovely light surrounding me here, the weather is sunny and warm and I am a very happy Sherbet Sheep. I am very much enjoying  showing you my photos.  I want to spread this sunshine and light to you all and to the whole wide world.  I truly hope you can all feel it. Love from Sherbetx

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sherbet is at a medieval castle

 Oh look at me !
I tried to have a little walk around this beautiful castle at a delightful place called Castle Rising in the county of Norfolk in this fair, green country called England,  but it started to rain a little bit and I did not want to get wet ( I am afraid the castle has rather a lot of holes in it! )  So, here I am showing you the  picture on the sign instead.  I must tell you that there is a really huge, deep, scrumptious looking moat surrounding this castle but there is no water in it.  It is from Medieval times so it is very, very  old indeed.  They only have pretend battles now so the moat is just filled in with grass which would be truly great fun to tumble around in. I don't want to get green, grassy stains on my clothes so I will be a good Sherbet Sheep and just look longingly at it instead. Love from your dear friend Sherbetx

Friday, 17 May 2013

Sherbet is sitting in daisies

Oh what joy ! There is nothing better than sitting on fresh, deliciously, grassy smelling grass with millions of little daisies growing out of it.  Oh how blessed I am to be able to enjoy this simple pleasure.
  As you can see I am wearing my country clothes.  I am a true country Sherbet Sheep today.
 I know you may have missed me lately,  I have certainly missed you. I must tell you that I have been a little bit busy touring around some of the most delightful places imaginable.  You will see my photos here on this story page.  Ah now,  I must leave you as I am going to lay down on this grass and look up at the clouds. Love from Sherbetx

Monday, 6 May 2013

Sherbet is feeling blissful

 Ah how lovely to be back at Clover Cottage with my daffodils.
I must tell you that the weather is truly glorious. The sky is blue, blue, blue. I can see no clouds anywhere and the sun is so hot that my ear tops are getting pink .
 This morning I sat outside in my wonderful garden and I closed my eyes and meditated.
 How blissful it was. Truly, truly blissful.  I sat there in the peace of my garden , the birds were tweeting in the trees and the sun was shining down on my face, keeping me lovely and warm.
 Ah, how blessed I am,   I wish everyone in the whole wide world could sit here with me in my garden and feel this bliss and this  peace too.   Love from Sherbetx

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sherbet is back at Clover Cottage

Ah, how I have missed my flowerpot !
 Here I am back at Clover Cottage in Wiggleway Lane.
 I am a little bit tired after my long journey home on the aeroplane from St Lucia and I am all muddled up because  I woke up this morning very late indeed thinking it was very early indeed !  Oh dear !
 Also I went to bed very late last night because I was not tired. This must have been  because my little Sherbet Sheep brain was still living in St Lucia time.  That is a whole 5 hours difference.  I am also wondering if my life is now going to be 5 hours longer or 5 hours shorter . I will sit down at my kitchen table in a minute and  do my maths on a piece of paper  and see what the answer is.  It would be very nice indeed if I have 5 more hours of life to live . What fun !  It isn't really long enough to do a trip around the world but it may mean I have more time to plant  new vegetables in my garden . You will all be very glad to know that even though I have been sitting in the sun a little bit on my holiday, my ear tops are not burnt just a little bit pinker than usual.
  Back to thoughts of my garden, I have so much weeding to do but I will start tomorrow .
Love from Sherbetx