Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sherbet is at a medieval castle

 Oh look at me !
I tried to have a little walk around this beautiful castle at a delightful place called Castle Rising in the county of Norfolk in this fair, green country called England,  but it started to rain a little bit and I did not want to get wet ( I am afraid the castle has rather a lot of holes in it! )  So, here I am showing you the  picture on the sign instead.  I must tell you that there is a really huge, deep, scrumptious looking moat surrounding this castle but there is no water in it.  It is from Medieval times so it is very, very  old indeed.  They only have pretend battles now so the moat is just filled in with grass which would be truly great fun to tumble around in. I don't want to get green, grassy stains on my clothes so I will be a good Sherbet Sheep and just look longingly at it instead. Love from your dear friend Sherbetx

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