Saturday, 9 April 2016

Sherbet's wonderful world

Ah, how lovely to just sit here in the sunshine all alone with perfect peace and quiet around me. What more can I say except I wish the whole world could be as peaceful as this place here in my picture. What a truly wonderful world it would be if every animal and every human being could wake up every morning feeling completely peaceful and completely safe and completely happy all day long and all week long and all month long and all year long and all life long.  Ah yes, that would truly be a most magnificent world. Love from Sherbet x

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Sherbet and the bird's nest

Ah, what a wonderful feeling just lying here in these beautiful leaves, and see how nicely the colour of them contrasts with the colour of my face and ears.  It is so quiet here in this corner of my garden, not even a buzzing bee or a tweeting bird. Talking about tweeting birds I noticed today that a bird's nest that I had been keeping my eye on was all broken open, I did not see any bird's eggs on the ground so I imagine the baby birds inside have hatched and flown away.  I can only hope that they are all safe with wings that work. It has been so windy here at Clover Cottage and it has made me a little bit afraid that the nest was blown away in the wind taking the babies with it. Oh dear I must not have these bad thoughts, I will tell myself to only think good thoughts and then everything will be alright. Love Sherbetx

Monday, 4 April 2016

The joy of growing lettuce and carrots

Oh what joy to be able to eat my very own lettuce and carrots that I have grown in my very own garden.
 It has rained so much at Clover Cottage recently that I have been very afraid that all of my lettuce would be squashed under the weight of the raindrops. Well, that is only one of my problems as the other challenge I have is those naughty snails and slugs that just love to come out of their hidey holes after the rain. I always catch some of them munching away at my precious veggies first thing in the morning and it is no good explaining to them that it is a naughty thing to do because they have such tiny brains and anyway I do not know where their  ears are or if they can even hear me !  Marise Mouse , who lives down the lane told me to put bits of left over garlic in my vegetable garden as the slugs do not like that. So I will try that and I hope to solve at least one of my problems. Love from Sherbetx

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Happy Sunday from Sherbet Sheep

Happy Sunday to all of my dear and loyal friends from nearby and far far away.
 I am sending you all lots of blessings and love wrapped in a big double rainbow. Wishing you a day full of colour and warm feelings.
Love from Sherbet your Sunday sheepx