Monday, 4 April 2016

The joy of growing lettuce and carrots

Oh what joy to be able to eat my very own lettuce and carrots that I have grown in my very own garden.
 It has rained so much at Clover Cottage recently that I have been very afraid that all of my lettuce would be squashed under the weight of the raindrops. Well, that is only one of my problems as the other challenge I have is those naughty snails and slugs that just love to come out of their hidey holes after the rain. I always catch some of them munching away at my precious veggies first thing in the morning and it is no good explaining to them that it is a naughty thing to do because they have such tiny brains and anyway I do not know where their  ears are or if they can even hear me !  Marise Mouse , who lives down the lane told me to put bits of left over garlic in my vegetable garden as the slugs do not like that. So I will try that and I hope to solve at least one of my problems. Love from Sherbetx

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