Friday, 31 August 2012

Marise mouse is not feeling well

Oh dear,  Mango mouse has told me that our dear little friend Marise mouse is not feeling well.
 I am sending her this big sunflower to help her feel better.
 I myself feel much healthier today after my upset tummy yesterday so I will send all of my best colourful get well blessings through the sky all the way to Marise mouse's house and I do hope she feels much, much better very, very soon. Get well soon dear Marise.
Love from your friend Sherbet around the corner at the other end of Wiggleway Lanex

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sherbet has an upset stomach

Oh dear,  I am afraid I have a little bit of an upset tummy today.  I have decided to stay in bed until I feel better.  I do not feel like eating anything at all.  I wonder what it could be. I always eat healthy food so I cannot imagine what happened.  Maybe I ate a caterpillar in my salad by mistake!
Love from a poor little Sherbet Sheepx

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sherbet is meditating today

Here I am.  I have had such a busy mind lately that I have decided just to sit quietly in my garden and meditate today.
As I am meditating I cannot talk to you, so please forgive me. I will instead send you  the most wonderful rainbow coloured, peaceful blessings and I will talk to you again soon.
Love and peace always Sherbetx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sherbet is counting his many blessings

Phew!   Here I am sitting on a rock in my garden after my hard work yesterday.
 How nice to know that my garden is all tidy and watered again.  I really do deserve a rest.  I have just eaten a delicious sandwich made with home made, crusty, grainy bread, made lovingly and brought to me this morning by my dear friend Pearl.  I have also enjoyed a lovely, refreshing cup of hot mint tea and all is well and tranquil in my garden here at Clover Cottage.  I do love just sitting here listening to the birds. They remind me of the birds in the forest at the seaside.  How dull life would be if we didn't have all of these wonderful little creatures around us to share this planet earth with.  I am just going to sit here quietly and give thanks for all of the blessings in my life. What a long list I have but I must include all the little creatures in my garden and in the forests and in the sea and in Wiggleway Lane, I must not forget fresh, warm crusty bread, good friends, Pearl's home made blackberry and apple pie and home grown vegetables and I must not forget to be very thankful also for feeling healthy every day because that is a very big blessing indeed !  I am truly blessed.  I do hope Sheila sheep is feeling much better now so that she can be blessed with feeling healthy every day too.   Love from Sherbetx

Monday, 27 August 2012

Sherbet is working hard in his garden today

 Rainbow coloured blessings to my dear friends both near and far far away.
Well, as you can imagine,  my  garden has suffered a little bit while I have been away.  My dear, helpful friends Pearl and Doodle have been busy and not been able to tend to many garden tasks at Clover Cottage.  Little Mango was here living in his watering can as usual and watching the garden, he is a very helpful little mouse indeed but he is so little that he cannot do big, tiring tasks.
 Anyway,  here I am today working hard in my garden, the grass needs cutting, the weeds need pulling out, the hedgehogs need their milk, the birds are waiting in the trees for their breadcrumbs and my vegetables and flowers and my one pink rose need watering .  As you can see, I am a very busy Sherbet sheep indeed, so please excuse me for not writing lots and lots today.  Love from Sherbetx

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sherbet is back from his little holiday

Oh my dear, dear friends from all over the world.  How absolutely wonderful to see you all again.  I am back from my little holiday and I have missed you so much.  You will be glad to know though that I have had a lovely rest at the seaside with Sheila sheep after wearing myself out so much at my very own Olympics.  Sadly though Sheila sheep was not feeling very well for some of the time. She was being looked after very well by Mark mole so I went to have some adventures on my own.  I thought it would be a nice change to go birdwatching as there is a magnificent forest near to the beach.  It may not sound like much of an adventure to some of you,  but  Oh my goodness, it was so exciting to me !  I woke up very early in the morning,  I could hear the birds singing their delightful morning chorus already, and I crept very quietly into the forest.  I stood very, very still, I could hear lots of birds twittering and squawking happily in the trees so I waited and watched.  All at once I heard a tap tap tapping noise very close to my ear tops and I looked up and saw 2 beautiful green woodpeckers making  holes in  the trunk of a lovely old tree.  What a magnificent sight they were.  I came out of the woods, satisfied that I had seen some special birds and following me were 5 swallows, or they may have been swifts,  I get them all  muddled up as they both have those forked tails.  I will ask Pearl to explain to me how to tell the difference.  I think she is going to tell me that swifts whizz about faster than swallows.  Anyway that started off one of my mornings quite nicely and when I returned the following morning the woodpeckers had returned to the same place and were still working very hard on their hole making job.
I did manage to meet up with Fifi fish again as I had hoped,  I was so delighted to see her.  I had a little paddle in the sea near to where she lives and she showed me her new underwater garden. She was growing some beautiful seaweed and had surrounded it with a delightful collection of sea shells.  I know it is difficult for her to visit me and stay in my garden pond as she cannot travel out of the water but maybe one day I can transport her in a big, water filled jar and she could come and enjoy a holiday in my garden at Clover Cottage. What a good idea !  I am sure my frogs would be delighted to share their pond with her.  I must talk to Sheila sheep about it, she is very kind and helpful so maybe she could help me to transport Fifi to Clover Cottage one day.
I have been very happy to relax at the seaside,  I have had lots of early morning walks, eaten lots of healthy food, read lots of wise words from my wise words books and I have put some colour in my cheeks.  I am now back at Clover Cottage and I see that, while I was away, the naughty slugs have also had a holiday in my garden, they have eaten lots of my  lettuce leaves. You will all be very happy to know though, that my tomato plants have not been eaten and have grown very high.  I should be seeing some new baby tomatoes very soon.  Love and blessings from Sherbetx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sherbet is going to the seaside to put some colour in his cheeks

Pearl told me that she was a little bit worried about me and that my cheeks were looking a little less rosy than usual. She thinks I have worked much too hard over the last week and  has advised me to go and spend some time at the seaside with Sheila sheep. What a wonderful idea.  It is such a long time since I have seen my dear friend at the seaside. I do miss her and I also miss my lovely relaxing walks along the beach, scrambling in and out of the sand dunes. I will be very glad to see Fifi fish again as she has become such a good friend to me. I am sad that she could not come and join in the Swimming race at my very own Olympics as I know she would have won. The trouble is she cannot stay out of the water for long so she can not travel to Clover Cottage.  I must pack my bag now ready for my journey to the seaside. Pearl has made me some delicious sandwiches made with fresh, crusty, grainy bread  and has wrapped up a slice of  home made apple pie for me to take with me. I am so grateful and very blessed to have Pearl as my friend, she really loves to look after me.
 Goodbye to you all, I will send you  rainbow coloured blessings from the seaside. Please all keep happy and safe while I am away.
 I will see you all when I get back from my little holiday. I am going to put the colour back in my cheeks and enjoy myself at the same time. Love from Sherbetx

Friday, 17 August 2012

Sherbet realises he was not meant to be an athlete

My dear, dear friends both near and far far away and a special hello today to those of you so very far far far far  away on the other side of the world who I know are reading my stories. Thank you all so much for being so kind as to listen to my stories, I am so very grateful to you all. I do so love to share my adventures with you. I must tell you that I am still very, very tired after  wearing myself out at my very own Olympic day. It's clear I was not meant to be an athlete. I am really very well suited to my job here at Clover Cottage as a nature loving, little creature protecting, vegetable growing Sherbet Sheep. My main job as gardener really does suit me very well indeed. I do so love watching my little seeds, gradually grow bigger and bigger and  turning into delicious vegetables. Oh what joy!  Life is such a wonderful invention. Love from Sherbetx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sherbet thanks all of his friends around the whole wide world

What a wonderful day we all had yesterday.
 I am so grateful to all of my friends who participated in my very own Olympic events and I am extra grateful to all of my friends around the whole wide world who joined in to watch us at Clover Cottage. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,  to everyone.  I really wish I could send every one of you a rainbow coloured flower bouquet from my garden .
Instead, what I can do is to send you all the most splendid, magnificent, enormous rainbow coloured blessings that the world has ever seen.
 I hope these blessings reach each and every one of you as they are sent with huge amounts of love and kindness from your dear friend Sherbet Sheep of Clover Cottage.
 Love from Sherbetx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hooray, today is Sherbet's very own Olympics!

Hooray, Hooray, it is my very own Olympic day.
There is plenty of room here at Clover Cottage for all of my friends around the world to come and join us on this very exciting day.

Welcome to my very own Olympics here at Clover Cottage.

 As you can see from the picture, Pearl is very excited to take part as she usually doesn't get much exercise.
 What an exciting day this is.
 Very early this morning I went to Greengate Farm to collect the 2 goats, Gertie and Goon, they were full  of energy and could not stop leaping about. In fact I had a little bit of a difficult time with them as they were being very naughty indeed.
 Back at Clover Cottage I saw that Pearl pig had assembled the medals on the kitchen table ready for the prize giving and that Doodle dog had set up some wonderful hurdles along Wiggleway Lane.
 Mango mouse was there waiting patiently with the frogs at the pond and so we were all ready to start.
 We were very lucky to have a lovely sunny day and the first event started on time with the frogs and Mango all leaping into the pond together for the swimming event. Oh poor Mango he was being splashed so fiercely by the frogs that he almost drowned but he managed to hang onto one of the frogs legs and you will not believe this but the frog whose leg he was hanging onto actually won, so Mango came in second.  Well done Mango you won a silver medal!  The next event was the sailing on the waterlily pads ( I like to call them lotus leaves as it sounds more exotic).  This was between Mango and the frogs again so I quickly dried Mango with a soft towel and put him on his lily pad. And off they went, there was just enough breeze to get them to the other side of the pond, some of the frogs found that their lily pad had tangled in some weeds and they capsized, Mango kept going, he was in the lead by one second, a frog was trying his hardest to catch up, it was very close and  YES!  Mango won!  His lily pad touched the end of the pond and he jumped for joy kissing all the frogs around him. He was very lucky that none of them turned into princes as that would have caused a bit of confusion.  For such a little mouse he did really well. Then came the running and hurdles along Wiggleway Lane. I am afraid that I wasn't very good at that, even after all of my training, I know that sheep are supposed to be very good at jumping over fences and running but not me! Doodle my opponent was a really good hurdle jumper and a really good runner, he just whizzed ahead like a rocket. I did come in second though as Pearl was very slow and just dawdled along the lane as if she was in a daydream thinking about one of her delicious pies. So, the next event was the long awaited gymnastics. The goats, Mango, and myself, Sherbet, gathered at the beautiful constructions that Doodle had made for us. First I helped  Mango climb onto what we will call the horse. He was absolutely magnificent and impressed us all with some amazing twisty looking somersaults, what neat little moves he made, landing perfectly on his tiny feet every time.  Next came me. Well I somehow managed to pull myself onto the horse and did my best to show off some elegant moves but my wool  kept getting in my eyes and I kept losing my balance.  Oh dear, I wobbled and wobbled and could not help but fall off, I tumbled straight onto the grass and stained my wool a grassy shade of green.   Next, came the stars of the show, an amazing appearance by our special guests, the goats. Oh my goodness they were absolutely brilliant! They gave the most spectacular performance of the day. What skill ! What amazing balance! They twisted and turned and leaped upside down and inside out and backwards and frontwards and we all watched in complete awe at their goatly perfection.
Next came the high jump and even though I had not planned to enter into it, I had just had some apple juice and a banana and  decided that I was feeling extra bouncy and I wanted to enter. Even though I did badly at the hurdles I thought that if I could just get a bit more spring in my step I could beat Doodle,  and certainly Pearl,  at the high jump and win a gold medal, so off I went. I was the first one. I concentrated with all my might, I took 3 deep breaths and  ran towards the wonderful bamboo high jump construction that Doodle had created.  I jumped so high that I was afraid I would never come down.  I flew through the air, my ears flapped in the breeze and I cleared the pole ! Yippee, I did it, My cheeks flushed pink with pride. Then came Pearl. She ran as fast as she could and jumped into the air but it wasn't enough, she  knocked the pole onto the floor and tumbled alongside it. We put the pole back up and then it was Doodle's turn. Doodle tried his very best but he was worn out  from his running and hurdles race so he knocked the pole off too. That left me, the famous Sherbet sheep of Clover Cottage in Wiggleway Lane, the winner of the high jump!
For the grand finale, we all jumped into the pond for the synchronised swimming event. What a funny looking lot we made. Two goats, Gertie and Goon, one big woolly Sherbet sheep, one tiny Mango mouse, one Doodle dog, one Pearl pig and  4 frogs, all with our different sized legs and arms trying to look spectacular in the pond. Well as you can imagine it did not come up to Olympic standards at all but Oh, what fun we had. It was the end of my very own Olympics. We all wrapped ourselves up in big cuddly towels to get dry and headed for my kitchen where the medals were presented to us by Pearl who had so lovingly made them.
Here are the results of the Clover Cottage Olympics 2012
Swimming  --- Gold medal won by frog, silver medal won by Mango, bronze medal won by another frog
Sailing----Gold medal won by Mango, silver medal won by frog, bronze medal won by another frog
Running and hurdles -----Gold medal won by Doodle, silver medal won by Sherbet, bronze medal won by Pearl
Gymnastics------ Gold medal jointly won by Gertie and Goon goats,  Silver medal won by Mango, bronze medal won by Sherbet
High Jump------Gold medal won by Sherbet, silver medal won by Doodle and bronze medal won by Pearl
We were all presented with our medals and  afterwards I gave everyone some lovely rainbow coloured flowers from my garden and we all sat down to a lovely cup of mint tea and a scrumptious slice of carrot cake.  What an absolutely thrilling and fun packed day we all had today. I do hope you all enjoyed it too. Love from Sherbetx.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Sherbet, Doodle and Pearl will make everything ready for the Clover Cottage Olympics this evening

How very exciting I just cannot wait for my very own Olympics tomorrow.
 I must make sure that my garden is tidy and the frogs' pond is clear of weedy bits, and I must make sure I go to bed early and get a good night's sleep and eat nutritious food.  This evening Doodle is coming to make a lovely construction for the high jump. He will use some of my bamboo poles that I have been saving up,  I am afraid my poor beans have had to  accept second best and climb up some bits of oak tree branch instead.
The frog pond will be cleared of all obstructions and I am sending the dragonflies away on holiday for the day.
 For the gymnastics, Doodle is using his creative talent again and making some wonderful wooden shapes for us to perform our gymnastics on, I am not sure what they will look like but I told him to make sure everything is very sturdy and safe as we are not as brilliant at sports as the athletes in the London Olympics, except maybe the goats, who could be even better !
Pearl is making some medals out of her famous biscuit mixture. We will have  round cinnamon biscuits on ribbons for bronze,  lemon biscuits wrapped in silver paper for silver and chocolate biscuits wrapped in gold paper for the gold medal. Afterwards we can all eat the medals with our mint tea. What a good idea!  Love from Sherbetx   Whoops !  In all the excitement, I nearly forgot to put the kiss after Sherbetx

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sherbet is getting ready for his follow up Olympics

Dear wonderful friends all over the world,
 Now that the big, huge, famous spectacularly rainbow coloured Olympics in  the great city of London are finishing, I can concentrate on getting Clover Cottage ready for my very own Olympics on Tuesday.
 Here I am checking to make sure the quality of my grass is good enough for my special athletic guests, especially the 2 goats from Greengate Farm who are my guests of honour as they have never been here before..
Yes I think the grass is fine, lovely and green and fresh and springy and up to Olympic standards so that puts my mind at rest.  See you all bright and early on Tuesday for the follow up Olympics  hosted by the famous Sherbet Sheep of Clover Cottage in Wiggleway Lane. Blessings to you  all.. Love from Sherbetx

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sherbet has set the date for his very own Olympics

Oh, Hello dear friends from all over the world.  How nice to see you here again.
 As you can imagine I have been resting a lot after all of my Olympic training.
 I can now tell you that my very own Olympics will take place in the gardens of Clover Cottage in Wiggleway Lane on Tuesday August 14th 2012.
 You are all very welcome indeed.
 The very excellent competitors will be Mango Mouse, Pearl Pig, Doodle Dog, 2 goats from Greengate Farm whose names are Gertie and Goon,  and the frogs in my pond.  The events will be as follows.................The first event with Mango Mouse against the frogs, will be swimming, the second event will be sailing on lotus leaves, again with Mango against the frogs.  Both to be held in the pond. Third event will be running and hurdles with Doodle Dog against Pearl Pig and Sherbet Sheep, to be held in Wiggleway Lane.
  Fourth event will be gymnastics with  Gertie and Goon  the Goats against Sherbet Sheep and Mango Mouse, to be held in the front garden. Fifth event will be high jump with Doodle Dog against Pearl Pig, to be held by the vegetable garden and finally everyone will jump into the pond to do synchronised ( my goodness what a big word!) swimming together.   Oh what fun it will be, I must make sure I eat lots of nutritious, healthy meals before next Tuesday.  I will go and collect a lettuce, some carrots, some spring onions and some tomatoes from my garden right now and have a lovely rainbow coloured salad for my dinner.  I hope to see you all at Clover Cottage next Tuesday to watch us all compete in my very own Olympics. Love from Sherbetx

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sherbet is worn out after training for his very own Olympics

Oh my goodness, I have been training so hard for my very own Olympics that I have worn myself out so I am just going to stay in bed all day.  Oh what hard work it was jogging up and down Wiggleway Lane all day.  I am expecting that when I wake up from my long restful sleep, I will be as fit as a fiddle and ready to compete in my special Olympic day with my friends. I must rest now, I am dropping off to sleep at this very moment and I cannot keep my eyes open for one more minute!   Love from Sherbetx

Monday, 6 August 2012

Sherbet is now training for his very own Olympics

Rainbow coloured hugs and blessings to all of my friends in the whole wide world.
I truly hope you all have a wonderful day today.
 I have to tell you that myself, Pearl, Mango and Doodle will be a little bit busy for the next couple of days as we are training for my very own Olympics. This means that I will be getting up extra, extra early to jog up and down Wiggleway Lane, and as I have to concentrate on my fitness, I will not have time to write to you, so I will see you again in a few days and I will let you know when we have all built our muscles up enough to start our games.
I must also tell you while I am here, that the farmer at Greengate farm has very kindly allowed 2 of his goats to join us at our games. They will not need to do any training at all as they are already very, very good at athletics and gymnastics. See you again very soon. Love from Sherbetx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sherbet is planning his very own Olympics

 I am very busy today as I am trying to make my plans for my very own Olympics in my garden at Clover Cottage.  I have decided that I must go on my bicycle to visit the farmer at the other end of Wiggleway Lane.  I have to ask him if I can borrow some of his wonderful goats.  Goats are very good at athletics and gymnastics so they will be a truly great addition to our games.
 I saw Mango training a little bit in his watering can this morning.   He is very  tiny, much smaller than the rest of us so I hope he will be big enough to join in our games without getting squashed under all of our feet.  Oh dear what can we do, we will have to be very careful indeed not to lose him in all of the excitement.  I will ask Doodle or Pearl to make Mango a special little vest in a very bright colour, something like orange or vibrant pink so that we can all see him easily in the grass.  Oh good, now that I have had that brilliant idea I can stop worrying.  I am sure he will be quite safe and easy to see in his brightly coloured new vest.
Love from Sherbetx

Friday, 3 August 2012

A terrible storm swirls around Clover Cottage

Ah, here I am getting dry after my lovely warm bubble bath. How lovely to lay in that soothing perfumed bubbly water and just relax.  It is always a little difficult to get out of my bath afterwards as my wool gets so heavy and my arms are not very strong.  Well, here is my news for today.  Last night I was asleep having lovely dreams when I awoke to hear huge, mad, blowy winds swirling all around  Clover Cottage and making my trees swish and bend. I was a little bit afraid as I could hear things falling onto my roof, maybe bits of branch were falling from the trees.  It was very dramatic and I thought the terrible storm might turn into a hurricane and squash all of my lovely flowers and trees.  Now though, it is morning and the storm is passing.  I have checked my garden and seen that everything is OK, except for one big tall tree that has bended into a wonky angle.  Oh dear, poor tree, but at least it is not broken.  I checked on my hedgehogs, my caterpillars, my frogs, my birds, my spiders and my snails and they all seemed well. The only creatures I could not find were my butterflies.  I hope they found safe places to shelter in the storm as they are so delicate. I will send them lots of blessings to help them be safe.
 Love from Sherbetx

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Pearl has a little holiday in Sherbet's garden

 Good morning and  rainbow coloured blessings to all of my friends both nearby and far far away.  I had a lovely surprise this morning.  Pearl knocked on my door very early just as I was finishing my breakfast.  She had a huge smile on her face and looked happy, happy, happy !
 I was so surprised to see her as I thought she was busy at her  roadside stall.  She told me that she felt like having a little holiday today in my garden. Pearl does so love to be in my garden as she is very fond of my delightfully perfumed flowers in all the colours of the rainbow.
I told her she is very welcome as always and made her a lovely cup of hot mint tea and gave her a piece of my special homemade banana bread.
 We sat together and chatted for a little while but she didn't stay long at my kitchen table, as she could not wait to run into my garden and surround herself  with the wonderful flowers and the birds and the butterflies that live there.  I'm afraid I could not join her as I wanted to stay quietly in my house today and read some wise words from my books.  Pearl has always told me that reading is good for me and it will make me a better wiser  Sherbet Sheep.  I always listen to Pearl's advice as she is very wise indeed !  Love from Sherbetx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Oh dear, Sherbet has a little bit of a shock this morning!

Here I am again.
 Oh my goodness I have something to tell you.  I had a little bit of a shock this morning.
 I had just been  outside to fill up the hedgehogs bowls with milk as I always do every morning,  and when I went out  ten minutes later to start my garden tasks guess what I saw ?
There sitting right in one of the bowls of milk, was a very huge, knobbly skinned bullfrog.  I jumped back with surprise as I certainly did not expect to see him in there.  What a very naughty bullfrog indeed !  He was not a usual visitor to my garden, all my own frogs live in my pond and I know all of their names.
 I imagine he must have been hungry but I did not know that bullfrogs drank milk !  Well maybe they don't but my other thought was,.... Oh dear,  I hope he or rather she,  is not laying eggs in  my hedgehogs milk !!!  Then I thought if it is a BULL frog can it be a  SHE, because I thought bull named things were boys, like cows are, well not cows but bulls !!!!  Oh dear , now  I was getting very muddled up indeed!  The problem was,  that made me a little bit worried because if there were baby eggs in the milk  ( Pearl has told me they were called frog spawn)  I did not want to disturb them but on the other hand I had to make sure that the milk was all clear of eggs for my hedgehogs because I do not think they would be happy drinking bullfrog eggs for breakfast. What was I to do ? The frog had jumped away by then.
 Ah yes!  A good idea came into my head and I knew what to do.  I saved the bowl of maybe egg layed in milk  and put it under the hedge and then I gave my hedgehogs a new fresh bowl of milk.
 Phew, that was a big problem I had to solve this morning but all is well now so I am just sitting in my garden relaxing after my morning ordeal.  Love from Sherbetx