Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sherbet has set the date for his very own Olympics

Oh, Hello dear friends from all over the world.  How nice to see you here again.
 As you can imagine I have been resting a lot after all of my Olympic training.
 I can now tell you that my very own Olympics will take place in the gardens of Clover Cottage in Wiggleway Lane on Tuesday August 14th 2012.
 You are all very welcome indeed.
 The very excellent competitors will be Mango Mouse, Pearl Pig, Doodle Dog, 2 goats from Greengate Farm whose names are Gertie and Goon,  and the frogs in my pond.  The events will be as follows.................The first event with Mango Mouse against the frogs, will be swimming, the second event will be sailing on lotus leaves, again with Mango against the frogs.  Both to be held in the pond. Third event will be running and hurdles with Doodle Dog against Pearl Pig and Sherbet Sheep, to be held in Wiggleway Lane.
  Fourth event will be gymnastics with  Gertie and Goon  the Goats against Sherbet Sheep and Mango Mouse, to be held in the front garden. Fifth event will be high jump with Doodle Dog against Pearl Pig, to be held by the vegetable garden and finally everyone will jump into the pond to do synchronised ( my goodness what a big word!) swimming together.   Oh what fun it will be, I must make sure I eat lots of nutritious, healthy meals before next Tuesday.  I will go and collect a lettuce, some carrots, some spring onions and some tomatoes from my garden right now and have a lovely rainbow coloured salad for my dinner.  I hope to see you all at Clover Cottage next Tuesday to watch us all compete in my very own Olympics. Love from Sherbetx

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