Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sherbet is back from his little holiday

Oh my dear, dear friends from all over the world.  How absolutely wonderful to see you all again.  I am back from my little holiday and I have missed you so much.  You will be glad to know though that I have had a lovely rest at the seaside with Sheila sheep after wearing myself out so much at my very own Olympics.  Sadly though Sheila sheep was not feeling very well for some of the time. She was being looked after very well by Mark mole so I went to have some adventures on my own.  I thought it would be a nice change to go birdwatching as there is a magnificent forest near to the beach.  It may not sound like much of an adventure to some of you,  but  Oh my goodness, it was so exciting to me !  I woke up very early in the morning,  I could hear the birds singing their delightful morning chorus already, and I crept very quietly into the forest.  I stood very, very still, I could hear lots of birds twittering and squawking happily in the trees so I waited and watched.  All at once I heard a tap tap tapping noise very close to my ear tops and I looked up and saw 2 beautiful green woodpeckers making  holes in  the trunk of a lovely old tree.  What a magnificent sight they were.  I came out of the woods, satisfied that I had seen some special birds and following me were 5 swallows, or they may have been swifts,  I get them all  muddled up as they both have those forked tails.  I will ask Pearl to explain to me how to tell the difference.  I think she is going to tell me that swifts whizz about faster than swallows.  Anyway that started off one of my mornings quite nicely and when I returned the following morning the woodpeckers had returned to the same place and were still working very hard on their hole making job.
I did manage to meet up with Fifi fish again as I had hoped,  I was so delighted to see her.  I had a little paddle in the sea near to where she lives and she showed me her new underwater garden. She was growing some beautiful seaweed and had surrounded it with a delightful collection of sea shells.  I know it is difficult for her to visit me and stay in my garden pond as she cannot travel out of the water but maybe one day I can transport her in a big, water filled jar and she could come and enjoy a holiday in my garden at Clover Cottage. What a good idea !  I am sure my frogs would be delighted to share their pond with her.  I must talk to Sheila sheep about it, she is very kind and helpful so maybe she could help me to transport Fifi to Clover Cottage one day.
I have been very happy to relax at the seaside,  I have had lots of early morning walks, eaten lots of healthy food, read lots of wise words from my wise words books and I have put some colour in my cheeks.  I am now back at Clover Cottage and I see that, while I was away, the naughty slugs have also had a holiday in my garden, they have eaten lots of my  lettuce leaves. You will all be very happy to know though, that my tomato plants have not been eaten and have grown very high.  I should be seeing some new baby tomatoes very soon.  Love and blessings from Sherbetx

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