Saturday, 31 March 2012

Reginald Rabbit is here again

Oh what a wonderful surprise I had when I arrived back at Clover Cottage this morning. There, busily watering my vegetables was my dearest old friend Reginald Rabbit. He had been watching over my garden for me while I was away.
He was as usual bathed in a lovely white light and his fur had it's usual  beautiful, shiny glow. I ran over to give him a huge hug.  I have missed him so much. He told me that he will stay for a few days to help me settle back in to my home, as he felt I may feel a little lonely at first after having been in the company of my friends at the seaside. He told me that Pearl, Mango and Doodle had been very kind in helping with the garden tasks and they would come back this evening. We will then all cook a delicious meal together. I am so looking forward to spending a few days with Reginald Rabbit, we have so much to talk about.  His life is so full of adventures in the place where he lives now which is truly far, far, far, far, far, far away,  but at the same time he is always here with me as he remains in my heart now and forever.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Sherbet remembers a visit to the hospital

What a lovely holiday I have had at the seaside . I  have had a really good rest and now I am ready to go back to Clover Cottage and get back to work in my garden . I must say I have really missed Pearl, Mango and Doodle. I am sure they have taken good care of my garden while I have been away . I left them a big list of some very good instructions for giving milk to the hedgehogs and watering my new little vegetable plants, that have surely grown bigger and stronger by now.
 I have a long journey ahead of me and I will be back in Wiggleway Lane tomorrow. I am writing especially for one of my best friends who lives far far away from Clover Cottage.  His name is Eli and his mother told me he has been  really brave and a real super hero as he had to go to a hospital  last weekend.  Pearl and Doodle took me to a hospital once.  I hurt my leg falling out of the apple tree.  The doctor had to give me a very big injection indeed and even though I did not like it very much I knew it was going to make me feel better so I just thought of happy rainbow coloured days, and it stopped me thinking about it.  After that I felt so much better and went back home to sit in my garden under that same apple tree that caused me all that trouble !

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sherbet sees a wonderful turtle

Hello to all of my friends. It it is a beautiful blue sky day here at the seaside and I must tell you that I saw the most wonderful thing this morning. As I was paddling in the sea with my old friend Sheila Sheep, I felt a big whooshy wave kind of feeling around my legs. I looked down, and there, just under the surface of the water, was a huge turtle swimming around me.  I have never seen one before in real life, but I know what a turtle looks like from the books that I have read with Pearl, Doodle and Mango.  I am wondering if Fifi Fish has made friends with this turtle. All I know, is that Fifi is tiny and the turtle is huge, but Pearl taught me a long time ago, that looking different from each other makes no difference at all, it just makes us each special in our own way and it does not stop us from being friends with whoever we want to be friends with.
I am so grateful that I have all kinds of friends in all  shapes and sizes in all the colours of the rainbow.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sherbet searches for his new friend Fifi Fish

Here I am again, still having a lovely rest at the seaside. I decided to go for a walk on the beach again today as the weather is very warm and there is a soft breeze that feels very pleasant indeed.  I thought I would go to search for Fifi Fish. I found the pile of rocks and shells that we had made a few days ago to mark the spot where Fifi lived,  it was still standing strong and had not been washed away with the tide.
I paddled in the sea, peering down into the clear water  searching for Fifi  but she must have been out doing her fishy tasks because I could not see her anywhere.
I did however see lots of other beautiful fish swimming past me and I very much enjoyed watching these rainbow coloured  sea creatures as they swam past my legs. I would love to be able to take them home to live in my garden at Clover Cottage but I am afraid the pond where the frogs live just isn’t big enough and Pearl  has told me that the fish at the seaside like to live in salty water and that is where they are happy.  Pearl is very wise, everywhere I go I keep her good advice in my head and it is always there when I need it.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Meditation, silence and peace

Oh what a lovely sunny day here at the seaside. Sheila Sheep and I will start our day just sitting on the beach watching the waves rolling in and out .  When we have finished doing that, we will just have a peaceful time with our thoughts, as we do not feel like talking much today.  We will find a comfy spot in the sand dunes and just sit side by side and enjoy the silence. We will meditate for twenty minutes and then I think we will collect shells and feed the seagulls. Yes, that seems like a good plan for our day.  I only hope I do not get sunburned ear tops, I can hear Pearl’s advice in my head this very minute, she is telling me to be sensible and to put some sun cream on my ears, nose and cheeks ! 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Sherbet imagines Fifi's underwater life

Today I am still at the seaside, and after meeting Fifi Fish yesterday I started to think of her adventurous life under the sea. I am imagining all kinds of wonderful things. I wonder if she has any mermaid friends under there? I have lots of pictures in my mind of how everyday mermaid life under the sea could be.  I imagine they make beautiful seashell gardens and wear clothes made out of seaweed and shells.  How wonderful it must be.  I wish I could go under the waves and have a look but I cannot even swim. If I tried, I think my wool would get so heavy with water that I would sink to the bottom!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sherbet makes a brand new friend at the seaside

Hello dear friends I am still having a few days rest at the seaside where I am spending  a wonderful time with Sheila Sheep and Mark Mole. It isn’t really the weather for sunbathing. The sun is shining but the wind is blowing a bit too hard and making my wool stand on end. We did go to the beach though and had a lovely walk. I stopped every now and then to help some of the little crabs get back into their crab holes to escape the fierce wind and I was careful not to crush any shells under my feet. 

One of the things I really do love about the seaside is the cry of the seagulls above my head, well, I don’t really mean cry in the sad sense as they were not crying tears but I mean the sound that comes out of their beaks when they speak! It just makes me feel happy. I must tell you all that I made a new friend at the beach yesterday. I was paddling in the sea which I must say was a  little bit cold, and I saw a pretty little fish swimming by.  I put my head under the water and tried to speak to her but, oh dear, bubbles just came out of my mouth so the little fish jumped out onto my hand for a minute and we had a little conversation.  She said her name was Fifi Fish and that she lives a wonderful life,  full of adventures under the sea. She told me she had so many wonderful, little sea creature friends, the kind that I never see at Clover Cottage.  It all sounded so exciting that I told her that I would remember her and make her my new friend and that when I come to the seaside again in the future,  I would come to  look for her again.  Now that I know her name it should not be too difficult. Sheila Sheep and Mark Mole helped me make a huge pile of rocks and shells to mark the spot in the sea where Fifi lived and they promised to visit her often too.  Sheila Sheep told me she would write me letters to give me news of my new friend Fifi.   How lovely to make brand new friends even if she does live quite far far away.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sherbet is away at the seaside

Oh my goodness. I wonder if anybody missed me yesterday? Well the truth is, the postman brought me a letter from Sheila Sheep who asked me to come quickly to the seaside as she was missing me so much. So, here I am, now, today, at the seaside.  I'm staying away for several days so I will talk to you all when I get back. I've planted all my new seeds so I deserve a rest as well. I'm sure I'll have great fun with Sheila Sheep as we always have a scrumptious time together full of rainbow coloured days. Love from Sherbet x

Monday, 19 March 2012

Doodle's drawing lesson in Sherbet's garden

Oh what a wonderful day it is today.  I woke up very early, eager to start the day and as I  sat  at my kitchen table eating my scrumptious breakfast, I felt very excited as I knew that at any moment Pearl, Doodle and Mango would knock on my door ready to share a very creative day with me.  Last week  Pearl had thought of a very good idea.  She asked  Doodle if he would  teach us all to draw. Well you see, Doodle Dog is very talented  indeed and he loves to share his rainbow coloured ideas with everyone he meets. At half past eight exactly my dear friends arrived at Clover Cottage and our amazing day was ready to begin.

First of all though, I needed a little help with a few garden tasks, so Mango, Doodle and Pearl  jumped into my wheelbarrow clutching their garden tools, and I pushed them all, bumping them along, to my vegetable garden, where we weeded, dug and planted until there was just no more to do at all.  I then pushed them all back to the front of Clover Cottage where they jumped out of the wheelbarrow and then the fun began !


Doodle had brought along lots of pencils, paint brushes and  crayons and some sketch pads and we all sat down on my green, crunchy grass, which luckily felt lovely and dry.  Doodle asked me to stand up and be his model, while Pearl and Mango watched the lesson carefully.
I felt a little embarrassed at first and my cheeks blushed a little, to an even deeper shade of pink than they were already. Everyone said how handsome I looked so I soon found my courage and stood proudly under the oak tree to have my picture drawn. All the little creatures in my garden gathered around. The hedgehogs had stopped drinking  from their saucer of milk to join the group, the frogs had stopped croaking and hopped over to sit next to Mango, the butterflies fluttered around my head giving me more confidence and the caterpillars left the shelter of their cabbage leaves to watch.  We were all settling down into our nice, comfy, grassy seats, all except me of course, as I was the honoured chosen model!  All was quiet as we waited expectantly for Doodle to start drawing.

 You will never guess what happened next. All of a sudden there was a loud creak and a scary, cracking noise from the branches of the oak tree, we all looked up and were shocked to see a  whole nest full of baby blackbirds tumbling down from the tree. I acted very quickly and just caught them in time before they fell to the ground. Oh dear, what a surprise! There I was, standing in front of my audience, holding a very prickly nest of chirping birds. I have never in my life known such a thing.  How wonderful I thought, to have been able to save these lovely little creatures from a very nasty fall indeed.  We then all heard a loud, cheery cheeping sound coming from the sky and we looked up again to see the very relieved mother blackbird  diving around in the air with joy.  She had an expression of pure gratitude on her face, she was smiling so much that her beak was curled up at the edges. I invited her to join us in our drawing class. She said yes, she would be delighted to sit on the grass next to all the other little creatures and watch the lesson. At that point Doodle had a brilliant idea.  He asked the mother blackbird if she would mind if  her baby birds could be in the picture with me. She agreed, filled with pride as her babies had never been drawn before. I stood in my place holding the birds nest very, very carefully while Doodle showed us all how to draw. After a little while he held up a beautiful sketch of me and the nest of baby birds.

 We all clapped in delight at the clever picture and even though we all knew we cannot draw as well as Doodle, it inspired us all to go home and draw, with the rainbow coloured crayons Doodle had given us. 
Mango especially, was so eager to make a drawing of his plate of cheese that he had left on his window sill, that he rushed home to his red watering can at full speed and leaped in the top, disappeared inside and  did not appear again until he had finished his drawing!

Oh what a simply delightful day we all had together. I am so happy to have taken part in Doodle's drawing lesson and I am truly grateful that I was able to save the little birds from danger. I have promised the mother blackbird, that tomorrow, I will climb up my wooden ladder and put the nest with her precious babies in, back among the oak tree branches where they belong, so that they can grow stronger in complete peace and happiness until they are ready to fly.  I do so hope they stay and make their homes here at Clover Cottage where they will be most welcome to join all the other little creatures in my garden. 
Love from Sherbet x

Oh,  it is so very very exciting. Today I am going to appear on the sheep blog of my special sheep friends who live far far away. It is called  My Favourite Sheep.  My sheep friends from far far away live at Punkin's Patch.  B. Willard is going to tell all his sheep friends about the delightful day I had today taking part in Doodle's drawing lesson. I do hope they like it.  I felt very flattered to be asked and my cheeks turned even pinker !

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The best things in life are free

 I woke up after a very good nights sleep full of sweet dreams. The sun was shining down on my flower garden this morning and it was lovely and warm outside so I decided to have a pleasant walk around my garden to check that all the little creatures were living happily and had nothing to worry about. I could see that the hedgehogs were drinking their milk and the birds had eaten all of the breadcrumbs that Mango had sprinkled on the grass for them. I could see that the caterpillars were content nibbling away at the lettuce leaves and  the whole scene was a perfect picture of peace. Then the most wonderful thing happened. Hundreds of butterflies fluttered up from my flowerbed right in front of my eyes and speckled  the sky with all the colours of  the rainbow. It was more beautiful than anything  I could ever have imagined.  What a joy to be surrounded by such a wonderful gift of nature. Pearl told me that the best things in life are free and I do see the truth of that every day in my precious garden.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sherbet takes Doodle's decorating advice

The decision has been made. The new wallpaper Doodle brought over this morning  is better as it will brighten up my bedroom  nicely. It has bees and butterflies on it so it reminds me of the little creatures in my garden. Doodle, Pearl and Mango have offered to come to Clover Cottage to decorate my bedroom with the new wallpaper. I will just have it on one wall as I do not want to feel too crowded in by all that pattern !!  Doodle says I need to paint my door too, to co-ordinate with the colours in the wallpaper. I told him I  thought that is a very big word but he explained that  it just means I should pick out one of the colours  from the wallpaper and paint the door that colour. He said that if I do that, the door will go with the rest of the room  and the room will be happy!  I have chosen blue to be the new door colour.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sherbet is choosing new wallpaper

Pearl and Doodle have advised me that I should put some new wallpaper in my bedroom as Spring is coming and it would freshen  things up a bit. Doodle brought round a piece of wallpaper for me to try on the wall. It is very pretty,  full of butterflies and plant pots, just like my garden but I think I need something a bit brighter as I do love bright colours. I love greens like my grass and purples like my aubergines and I love reds like my tomatoes, I love yellow like my sunflowers, I love pink like the colour of my ear tops when they have had too much sun, I love blue like the sky, In fact I love all the colours of the rainbow so I think I will ask Doodle to choose another kind of wallpaper for me and I will see if it suits me better.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Every living being is beautiful in it's own way

I have a very pretty row of flowers growing in my amazing garden. They are called anemones. Sheila Sheep has told me that  they have the same name as the sea anemones that she learnt about when she was a young sheep growing up at the seaside. She also told me that they look nothing like these beautiful flowers but the sea anemones are beautiful in their own way as every living being is. Of course that is very true, Pearl told me a long time ago that every being is beautiful in it's own unique way and that every being is special in it's own way. Sometimes Mango worries as he is so small and cannot do all the tasks that Doodle, Pearl and I can do but we all tell him that he is perfect just the way he is and that he can do things that we cannot do like living inside a watering can and exploring mouse holes.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sherbet reads wise words from his book

I had my breakfast late this morning as I decided to stay in my cosy bed, propped up on lovely comfy pillows. I wanted to read  one of my books with the wise words in. What a wonderful way to start my Sunday. When I had finished reading lots of pages of lovely inspiring words, it made me want to be an even better Sherbet Sheep than I always try to be. I always strive to be as good as I can be. Yesterday Pearl was her usual kind self and  gave me 3 flower filled  flowerpots to put on my kitchen windowsill. How pretty they are. It brings Spring into my kitchen and they smell delightful.  I am so grateful to have a thoughtful friend like Pearl.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sherbet is resting after all of his hard work

Well as you can see, today I am having a nice rest in my vegetable garden after all my hard work digging yesterday. Working in my garden is hard work but I do enjoy it so much. It makes me feel very happy and contented even though it makes me tired.
When I see all of those little seeds coming to life and  popping out of the ground with their first little leaves it is so exciting and the first thing I think about when I wake up is that I cannot wait to go into my vegetable garden,  I so look forward to going out every morning to see how much my seeds have grown and I always make sure I have watered them the evening before (if it doesn't rain that is).
Oh what a joy it is to sit here on my crunchy green grass, content, resting  with my happy rainbow coloured thoughts.
Love from Sherbet x

Friday, 9 March 2012

Sherbet is busy planting vegetable seeds today

What a busy day I have today.
 The sun is shining and giving my garden at Clover Cottage a wonderfully sunny yellow glow.
It feels lovely and warm outside even though there is a chill in the air, which I do not mind as my woolly coat keeps me cosy and much warmer than my friend Pearl Pig who  does not have the luxury of a furry coat.
Spring  is in the air and I am going to spend all morning digging  up the earth in my vegetable garden and planting lots of new seeds. I have some special little wooden labels to poke into the ground with the vegetable names on to remind me where I have put the seeds. I will make sure to tell all the little creatures in my garden not to walk all over my newly planted seeds. I do have the most wonderful red watering can with a carrot pattern on it but I am secretly hoping that it will rain often to help me with the watering, well we do talk a lot about April showers so it will not be long before April is here bringing it's showers with it .

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sherbet and his friends are cooking together today

 Here I am again.
  Hello to all of my dear friends nearby and far far away. I have been rushing around trying to tidy up Clover Cottage, I made my bed at full speed and picked up all of my books with wise words in ( that were scattered all around my house, ever ready to give me inspiration )  and put them back on the shelf.  I have Pearl, Doodle and Mango coming over to cook a meal with me.
 I am wondering what we shall cook, but I have started to put some of my home grown rainbow coloured vegetables on my kitchen table, I have beautiful, orange, crunchy, fresh carrots and spectacular, juicy, purple aubergines that I know some of my friends from far far away call eggplant !!   I know that Doodle, Pearl and Mango will also be bringing something else to add to it  so when they come we will invent a delicious meal with the ingredients we have.  Doodle is especially good at inventing as he his very creative, just as Mark Mole is. It is a pity Mark Mole lives so far away by the seaside otherwise we could invite him too. Pearl is the expert in the kitchen and she will  make sure that nothing gets burnt! Mango loves to help with the little tasks like picking up peelings from carrots and adding crunchy nuts to the meal. Oh well I must go now as there is so much to do. I hope you all have a wonderful rainbow coloured day. Love from Sherbetx

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mark Mole makes mountains out of mole hills

This morning I noticed the postman coming down Wiggleway Lane and he stopped at Clover Cottage to give me a letter from my dear friend Sheila Sheep who lives at the seaside.
 I  took the letter and sat under my oak tree to read it .
Oh dear, I learned that Sheila Sheep is a little worried about her dearest friend Mark Mole. It seems that Mark has been making mountains out of mole hills again. Every time he makes a new mole hill, he cannot seem to stop, he just loves to create big, huge mole hills that then turn into small mountains. When he has made his small mountains he then likes to decorate them, as he is a very creative mole.
 He loves to make beautiful patterns all over them and in fact he does make the most beautiful mole mountains anyone has ever seen . The problem is he just cannot stop and he is wearing himself out and is not getting enough sleep. Now, talking about sleep, I had a dream all about mountains last night because  before I went to bed, I too was thinking and worrying about Mark Mole. In my dream I was walking through lots and lots of beautifully decorated mountains and it seemed to be in a tropical place. There were palm trees and colourful birds and fascinating flowers all over the place. It seemed so real and I really loved being in that dream. It felt so peaceful that as soon as I woke up I realised straight away that we need not worry anymore about Mark Mole. As long as he is happy making his lovely mountains out of his mole hills then that is all that matters. We will just have to make sure that he gets enough sleep and does not get too worn out. I will write back to Sheila Sheep today and tell her about my dream, her mind will be put at rest when she knows that everything is alright and it always will be.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sherbet sends sunny, yellow daffodils to the whole wide world

Here I am !  I woke up today feeling full of energy after my luxurious sleep yesterday. My garden is full of the most beautiful yellow daffodils and I have picked a bunch for all of my dear friends, new and old  that live nearby and far far away .
 I do hope you enjoy them, I am also sending out daffodils full of love and sunny, happy colour to everyone in the whole wide world.  I want to make everyone smile and feel happy and even though my garden is a long long way away from most of my friends out there I think you will still all feel the love .
 Happy, sunny, bright yellow day to you all. Love from Sherbet x

Monday, 5 March 2012

Sherbet is catching up with his sleep

Oh dear, I am so sorry that I do not have much to tell you today but I am still so tired after my party. I am really not used to going to bed so late and it seems to be catching up with me. Yesterday I nearly fell off my flowerpot with tiredness while I was resting in the garden.  My very best friends Doodle, Pearl and Mango have told me to stay in bed all morning and catch up with my sleep so that is just what I am doing. They told me that they would take over my tasks in Clover Cottage and in my garden today so I have nothing to worry about. I was especially worried that my hedgehogs would miss their saucer of milk if I stayed in bed.  My friends are so kind and helpful, they have taken my worries away.  I am so very grateful to have them all in my life

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sherbet is very tired today

Oh what a wonderful garden party we had yesterday for my 100th day of stories.
We danced and sang until the sun went down over the hills.  I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends to share such a happy time with. I must say though, I am just going to sit on my flowerpot and rest today as I am very tired. I went to bed later than usual because after the party, Pearl, Mango, Doodle and I  spent quite a few hours tidying up the cottage and the garden. The first to leave the party and to go to sleep were all the little creatures that live in my garden as they are so small and get tired much quicker than the rest of us. The last to leave were the cows that live at Greengate farm. They had so much energy and really wanted to stay here dancing all night long, in fact when they eventually did leave I watched them  dance  the conga all the way down Wiggleway Lane until they disappeared out of sight at the first bend. They were very late getting home and  I do hope the farmer had left the big green gate open for them or they would have had to spent the night sleeping in the lane outside the farm like very naughty cows indeed!
 I will stay on my flowerpot until I have had a really good rest  and tomorrow I  hope I will be a thoroughly refreshed Sherbet Sheep !

Saturday, 3 March 2012


 THIS IS MY 100th BLOG !! Can you believe how time has just flown by. I want to sincerely thank all of you lovely beings out there in the world who are kind enough and interested enough to read my little everyday stories. I am so happy to have all of you in my life and I am so grateful to have such stupendously, wonderful and loyal  friends from nearby and from far far away.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
 To celebrate this unique day in the history of Sherbet Sheep, which of course is me, my best friends Pearl, Mango, Doodle and I are having a joyous, rainbow coloured  garden party in my amazing garden.
 We have invited Kizzie the horse, the cows, the pigs and the sheep from Greengate farm and all the little creatures in my garden ( who have put on their best smiles for the occasion).  They are all enjoying themselves at this very minute. I am in my kitchen preparing some delicious rainbow coloured snacks and freshly squeezed juice made with apples and carrots from my garden.  I can hear everyone dancing and singing outside. The birds are singing in tune, the frogs are croaking out of tune and the hedgehogs cannot sing at all but that is perfectly alright as everyone is different and that is just what  makes them so very special !
What a joy to hear all of my friends having such fun.  It looks like this party will go on all day until the sun goes down behind the hills. Love from Sherbet and all of my friends here today at Clover Cottage at the end of Wiggleway Lane x

Friday, 2 March 2012

Will Mango try some Feta cheese and maybe an olive?

This afternoon, Pearl, Doodle and I are going to have a picnic with Mango on the lawn near his beautiful watering can home. Early this morning, Pearl and Doodle made a scrumptious fruit pie and I have made a big jug of freshly squeezed orange juice to take with us. We know that Mango will have a good selection of cheese and some crackers as that is his favorite kind of food. I do have some very special cheese that Mango may not have eaten before, it is called Feta cheese and it is in a pretty round bottle with some olives. I hope Mango will enjoy the cheese but I am afraid the flavour may be too strong for his little taste buds. It would be good if  he at least tries it and maybe an olive too.  Pearl always says you never know until you try! I think I will take along some delicious, warm, wholemeal bread too as we will all enjoy eating that with the cheese. Yummy, it is going to be a very tasty picnic. I do hope it doesn't rain.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Look at Mango's beautiful house everybody!

Look at Mango's beautiful house everybody. He is very proud of it. Mango lives at the end of my garden in this very desirable residence. He feels very safe and content there as he is living quite close by to all the little creatures in my garden. At  the moment the hedgehogs are living under the nearby blackberry bush and the frogs in the pond are not far away and the birds in the trees are always watching him ( Mango often puts pieces of bread out for them when he has his bread and cheese dinners) as well as waking him each morning with their delightful dawn chorus.  Mango has invited Pearl, Doodle and I to eat with him tomorrow but as we are all much bigger than he is we will not fit into the watering can so we will all have a scrumptious picnic on the grass near to his home. Yummy, I can't wait, I do love picnics!