Saturday, 26 July 2014

Sherbet sleeps in the ferns

 Oh how I am missing you all.
I am still lost in the woods but these cosy ferns are making a very comfy bed for me .
This is where I have been sleeping. I snuggle right underneath these luscious green leaves until I am sure I am sheltered in case it rains during the night, I
close my eyes and in no time at all I am asleep without a care in the world.
Thank goodness there are no wild animals here to eat me before I wake up.
I feel very safe , I am not afraid and I  have faith that I will find my way out of here soon.
How lovely it would be if you could all be sharing this adventure with me !
 Love from your friend Sherbet Sheep x

Friday, 25 July 2014

Sherbet has been lost in the woods

Oh dear,
I know you must all be thinking I am a very naughty Sherbet Sheep indeed for not finding the time to write my stories.
Well, you see, I have been lost in this wood for so long now and I just cannot find my way out.
 I know it looks like this long muddy lane I am sitting next to is leading out to a world where I might find my way back to Clover Cottage but I have walked and walked and walked and walked    and all I seem to do is go around in circles and I arrive back in the same place again.
 Oh dear , Oh dear , Oh dear ,  I don't know what to do.  Luckily there are no wild animals in here , just owls that hoot at night and birds that sing in the day. Oh yes and some earthworms and some little brown mice.
I am just going for another little walk to see if I can find another path.
I must say I am feeling very blessed to be here in this wonderful forest even though I am a little bit lost . Love from Sherbetx