Thursday, 29 October 2015

I hope you have not forgotten me

Oh hello dear friends from nearby and far far away, I do so hope you have not forgotten me, I do remain your dear and loyal friend, Sherbet Sheep, forever and always and for always and forever. As you can see I have not been able to write my stories lately as I am sailing in the middle of the sea .The sea is a bit wobbly as I am sitting here so my writing may also be wobbly.  I am just relaxing and listening to the waves roll by and Oh, I must tell you  how lovely it is to watch flying fish leaping into the air right in front of my eyes.  I really did not realise they had wings, they seem to be a cross between a fish and a bird, a fish that flies or a bird that swims ! What fun !  I am watching out for dolphins every day too but I think they must be a little bit shy as I have not managed to meet any yet . Maybe they are a little bit afraid of me. I cannot blame them as I am sure they have never seen a Sherbet Sheep before , especially not in the middle of the ocean . Anyway I am getting pink ear tops from the hot sun  so I am now going to find a big hat and put it on . Love from Sherbet x