Thursday, 23 June 2016

Sherbet has 2 new friends in Mexico, far far away.

Hello dear friends from nearby and far far away. I am so very sorry not to have written my stories for you lately but I have been out in the world having adventures. You all know how much I love to explore.
 Here I am once again sitting in my garden at Clover Cottage having a nice rest.
 I must tell you all something very exciting . I have 2 new friends and they live in a far far away place called Mexico.
 Their names are NICOLE and IOSEF.
They are both wonderful with smiley faces and I send them a big hug from me, Sherbet Sheep. Even though it is a very long way by aeroplane, I would love them to come and stay with me in Clover Cottage and meet my other friends Doodle Dog, Pearl Pig and Mango Mouse. Mexican food is not in my recipe book on the shelf in my kitchen, but I am sure they will enjoy my rainbow coloured salad fresh from my own vegetable garden. I imagine they like to eat healthy food just as I do. Love from Sherbetx