Monday, 31 December 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my friends  from nearby and far far away.
 Oh how exciting !  It is nearly the year 2013.  That sounds to me like sometime in the distant future, like a science fiction film.  I wonder where all of these years go to when they have passed into the past. I imagine that they go to a special room in the sky that stores our memories for us.
As you know I live a very quiet life here at Clover Cottage and I have planned to have a nice  cosy new years eve dinner  with Doodle, Pearl and Mango. We are then going to lay on our backs on the grass  in my garden and look up at the stars and wait until midnight to see the fireworks that will be springing up from the village behind the hill at the other end of Wiggleway Lane.
 I must tell you though that my neighbours at Greengate farm are  already having a big party.
  The wind is blowing my way so I can hear the sheep, the cows and the pigs dancing and singing in their fields. Oh what fun they are having.  I am very happy for them and I hope the farmer lets them stay up until midnight so that they can watch the fireworks too.  Tomorrow will be a brand new year
 I truly wish  all of my friends and  the whole wide world too,  a peaceful, happy, blessed, healthy, love filled, rainbow coloured 2013.  Love from your dear and loyal friend Sherbet Sheep on the last day of the year 2012 x

Sunday, 30 December 2012

The rain has stopped in Sherbet's garden

Oh thank goodness, the rain has stopped and the birds are nice and dry. They are singing sweetly in the trees again.
My garden looks lovely and green. The rain has freshened everything up and the grass has a delicious, wet grassy smell. It smells almost good enough to eat, like fresh green peas.
That reminds me, I think I will go and make a delcious pea soup.
Love from Sherbetx

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Rain, Rain, Rain

Rain, rain, rain.
 Oh dear that means that the naughty slugs will come out of their hiding places and try to eat my spinach plants.
 I do love it when it rains though, as it means I can sit peacefully in my cosy cottage  and read my wise words books. An added bonus is that I do not have to worry about watering my plants.
It makes me happy too, to see my frogs leaping about in joy  but I worry about the poor birds  I wonder where they go.
They must get very wet indeed and I am sure their nests cannot be very comfortable when they are all damp and cold.
If I could I would invite them all into my cottage until the rain passes but  as you know it is not easy to make birds stay still  long enough to ask them.
Maybe I will see a rainbow
Love from Sherbet x                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Thursday, 27 December 2012

All is well at Clover Cottage

What a nice restful day I am having.   I have had a walk around my garden and checked on  my plants and all of the little creatures.  I am happy to tell you that they are all very well indeed.  The blackbirds are singing in the oak tree, the hedgehogs are sleeping peacefully under the bush, the caterpillars are hiding in the cabbage patch and the frogs are happy, croaking  in the pond.   All is well and peaceful at Clover Cottage.  Love from Sherbetx

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Sherbet counts his blessings

Well here I am at Pearl's house  with the  wonderful gingerbread houses that she made. Now they are finished and decorated, and she has very kindly allowed me to show them to you.   How very clever she is.
I am so grateful to have had a lovely Christmas day with my dear friends Doodle,  Mango and Pearl. We shared a truly scrumptious dinner together and we counted our blessings all throughout the day. How fortunate we are to have so many blessings to count.
We made sure that we had some quiet time to send love and light to all the humans and to all  the creatures big and small who are not as fortunate as we are and do not have many blessings to count. Love from Sherbetx

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Christmas to all of my friends

 Hooray!  It is Christmas day. I want to wish all of my dear,  wonderful friends from nearby and far far away, a very happy day today .
Pearl has invited me , Doodle and Mango to her house for a delicious Christmas dinner.   She has made a very beautiful Christmas tree just for us.  How kind she is.  I must tell you also that Pearl is making the most scrumptious gingerbread house cakes. She has not quite finished them so she will not yet let me show you a picture  but  I will show you tomorrow, that is if I don't eat them all up first.    Love from Sherbetx

Monday, 24 December 2012

Oh! It is nearly Christmas

Oh, I almost forgot.  It is nearly Christmas day.
 I have been so busy here at Clover cottage and I live such a quiet life here with my garden and my little creatures that I did not realise what day it was.
  I truly wish my friends from nearby and far far away the most wonderful  rainbow coloured day tomorrow,  the 25th December.   I know that some of my friends live in such far away places that they may not celebrate that day as we do here in Wiggleway Lane but  I still wish them a day filled with love, happiness, peace and rainbows.
 Love from your friend Sherbet x

Friday, 21 December 2012

Sherbet waits for the end of the world

 You may be surprised to see me here  because someone told me that the end of world was coming.
   I waited and I waited and |I waited.  I sat on my flowerpot and waited but guess what happened ?   NOTHING !!
I am still here and so are you otherwise you wouldn't be able to read this.
  I also heard something much, much nicer. I heard that there is going to be more love in the world and more rainbow coloured days and more big smiley faces,  so that is really good news indeed.
  Love from Sherbetx

Sherbet is going home today

Here I am,  a little bit hidden away from the big wide world.  I am ready to go home to Clover Cottage now.  I will be very sorry to leave my dear friend  Sheila  sheep,  we have had such fun and have laughed a lot and talked a lot, but now I must go back to Pearl, Doodle and Mango.  It is nearly Christmas and they will be expecting  me to be back home to take care of all the little creatures in my garden.   I know that Pearl will be making  a delicious Christmas pudding to her grandmother's recipe and Doodle will have put up a beautiful Christmas tree in my garden.  Little  Mango will be having an adventure getting lost in the pine needles on the tree, I am sure of that.  I  have  some gifts for my dear friends in my suitcase  and now I must say goodbye to the seaside and to Sheila sheep. I will come again soon when it is a brand new year,  the year 2013.
Love from Sherbetx

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sherbet and the seagulls

Can you see me?  I  am a little bit further away than usual.  I have come down to the beach one last time before I go back to Clover Cottage.
 What a beautiful day it is.  A light breeze is swirling around my ears and the seagulls are crying all around me.  Oh how I love seagulls!  How wonderful to be able to fly and glide through the sky in complete freedom as they do.  How beautiful they are,  they remind me of one of my favourite stories  all about a seagull called Jonathan Livingston Seagull.   Jonathan Seagull has a message for the whole world.     Here it is .

 " You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way "

Love from a very free and  peaceful Sherbet sheep, here and now with no-one standing in my way x

Monday, 17 December 2012

Sherbet goes back to the cafe

Oh don't I look content!
 I have been to Cafe Blah Blahh again and I have eaten 2 huge, delicious cup cakes.
I must say I am having a very relaxing time here at the seaside.  The weather has been just perfect .  Not too hot, not too cold,  not too rainy and not too windy.   I had hoped to see the Queen again but today she was not there.
 I heard she is expecting to have a new grandchild so I think she must be busy knitting little socks or maybe even a nice, comforting blanket made out of the softest, cuddliest wool.
I do hope she finds time to come to the cafe tomorrow I would love to share another pot of tea with her .
Now I hope you will forgive me but I am very tired after my long day and my eyes keep dropping asleep without me asking them to,  so I will say goodbye for now  and I will see you again soon. Lots of pure rainbow coloured love from Sherbetx                                                                                  

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sherbet is missing Reginald rabbit today

Today is a very sad day for me.
 It is 2 years since my dear friend Reginald Rabbit went to live in a very special, peaceful place far far away.                  
I do miss him very very much indeed but I know he is really happy to be where he is and for that I am very glad . So I am happy for him but sad at the same time.  I know I was extremely blessed to have had him in my life for such a long time and I want to send him a special angel to watch over him in his new home and tell him how very grateful  I am for every single thing he did for me.
Dear Reginald rabbit, I can feel your love and I know you can feel mine.
I am so happy that you are free and in peace. All my love from your very dear friend Sherbet sheepxxx

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Yippee! I am so excited .    Today I went to Sheila sheep's favourite cafe at the seaside which is called Cafe Blah Blahh and guess who I met there?   Well it is a little bit silly for me to ask that actually as you can see my picture!  YES!  I met the Queen of England !  What fun it was.   She introduced me to her corgis, who were being very well behaved under the table  and she invited me to share a lovely pot  of tea with her.  Oh what a thoroughly pleasant time I had chatting to the Queen. We talked about my garden at Clover cottage and I asked her about her garden parties. I especially wanted her advice about the kind of hat I should wear when I attend the next one ! ( I will need to give Kathy cat plenty of notice to make me a very special hat  )   The Queen was very kind indeed, she complimented me on my patriotic outfit and suggested I wear it when I visit her at Buckingham Palace.

What a wonderful afternoon I had
I do hope I see her again at this very same cafe .
I offered to take her corgis for a walk on the beach with me tomorrow but she told me that they can be very naughty indeed and may try to run off so I think it is best that I do not take them; or the headlines in the newspapers the next day would say -


- and that would make me feel very silly and very sorry indeed.
I would be famous all over the world for being the one who lost the Queen of England's corgis!   Oh dear I must not let that happen!

I want to give special thanks to the very famous Cafe Blah Blahh for allowing the Queen's corgis to come into the cafe and for the delicious pot of royal tea and  also the very warm welcome they gave me. I will be back to visit them very, very soon to enjoy one of their very scrumptious cup cakes. Love from a very contented Sherbet sheepx

Monday, 10 December 2012

Sherbet is having his seaside adventures

At last I have started to have adventures at the seaside. I have had a very nice rest indeed so it is time for me to spend some time with my dear friend Sheila sheep, walking along the beach and sharing healthy picnic food in the sand dunes.
 As you can see I am wearing my very best patriotic clothes as I hope to meet the Queen of England later .
 In fact, I may even see her today walking her corgis along this very beach which is not very far from her country house.
I know I have to be very careful not to burn my ear tops in the sun. The hat that Kathy cat so kindly made me does not protect my ears and I will feel very silly indeed if my ear tops turn bright pink.!
Now, as you can see from the picture here I really did feel very hot indeed in my lovely clothes so I am cooling off  with my shell collection and my seagull's feather.  Yes I know you are thinking


 But I promise you I was very careful indeed and soon went to shelter on the steps of  a delightful blue beach hut.
  You may have noticed that I have some fresh dry clothes on as I must admit I got a  little bit wet paddling in the sea. I was trying to find Clive crab who lives nearby. I am afraid he must have been out as there was no sign of him today.
 Love from your very sandy but happy friend Sherbetx

Friday, 7 December 2012

Happy birthday to the person who created me

Happy Birthday today to my wonderful friend and the person who created me.
 She put me on this earth, gave me Clover Cottage to live in and helped me make  my amazing garden.  I am very grateful for her love and I wish her a wonderful birthday full of smiles and healthy, rainbow coloured birthday food.

Now, I know you may not have seen me here for a while and may have  missed my stories but I decided when I reached the seaside and Sheila sheep's lovely home that I would relax and rest and give myself a lovely peaceful time   I have used my time to be quiet, to meditate and to read my books.  Now I am nearly ready to have seaside adventures with Sheila sheep.  I am looking forward to going to her favourite cafe which is called Cafe Blah Blahh and I really hope to meet the Queen of England there. I am saying this  because one of her country homes is nearby and I know that she loves to have her cup of tea in that very special cafe,  especially as they do allow her corgis to go in with her.
I will share my adventures with you very, very soon.                                                                                         Love and rainbow coloured blessings to you all. Sherbetx

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sherbet is meditating at the seaside

Hello dear friends , I do miss you all and I have not written lately because I am having lovely quiet rest at the seaside and  I just want to meditate and stay in peace. I will then have my seaside adventures with Sheila sheep and tell you all about them soon but at the moment I am having a very good rest indeed . Love from Sherbet .