Monday, 10 December 2012

Sherbet is having his seaside adventures

At last I have started to have adventures at the seaside. I have had a very nice rest indeed so it is time for me to spend some time with my dear friend Sheila sheep, walking along the beach and sharing healthy picnic food in the sand dunes.
 As you can see I am wearing my very best patriotic clothes as I hope to meet the Queen of England later .
 In fact, I may even see her today walking her corgis along this very beach which is not very far from her country house.
I know I have to be very careful not to burn my ear tops in the sun. The hat that Kathy cat so kindly made me does not protect my ears and I will feel very silly indeed if my ear tops turn bright pink.!
Now, as you can see from the picture here I really did feel very hot indeed in my lovely clothes so I am cooling off  with my shell collection and my seagull's feather.  Yes I know you are thinking


 But I promise you I was very careful indeed and soon went to shelter on the steps of  a delightful blue beach hut.
  You may have noticed that I have some fresh dry clothes on as I must admit I got a  little bit wet paddling in the sea. I was trying to find Clive crab who lives nearby. I am afraid he must have been out as there was no sign of him today.
 Love from your very sandy but happy friend Sherbetx

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