Monday, 28 November 2011

The slugs escape and Sherbet goes on holiday

The slugs have all escaped !! I can't find them anywhere . Pearl, Doodle, Mango and I have searched  the whole garden and there is no sign of them except one last nibble on my biggest and  best lettuce. Oh well, it's a blessing really as I don't  have to worry about raggedy lettuce leaves anymore. I am going away to the seaside to visit my old friend Sheila Sheep. I will be back on Friday so bye bye for now.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sam the slippery slimy slug escapes

The slugs have settled nicely into their new box apart from one who I  have named Sam ( Doodle says I should call him slippery Sam!). He keeps escaping. I have just found him hiding among the autumn leaves in my wheelbarrow. He was not easy to find.

Mango Mouse offered to help me by climbing in and out of the lovely crunchy leaves until he found the naughty little slug. Mango was afraid to touch  Sam's slimy skin so I put my special gardening gloves on and plucked him out of the leaves. He was sent back home to his box just in time for his dinner. (Oh no not lettuce again!!).

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Doodle makes a lovely big box for Sherbet's slugs

My clever friend Doodle has made me a lovely big box and has filled it with earth for me and put it in a far corner of my garden. Last night I collected all the slugs. I did get slime on my wool which was hard to wash off but I didn't mind as I was helping them to prepare  for their new home. I let them stay in a big bucket overnight making sure they had plenty to eat and this morning after transplanting some lettuce to their new box I put them in and they are so happy now. It feels so good to help the little creatures in my garden.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Pearl my wise friend gives me advice


My dear, wise friend Pearl has advised me to make a separate little lettuce patch especially for the slugs to live in. I will ask Doodle to construct me a special wooden box where the slugs can live happily with their very own lettuce.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sherbet's Dilemma

 Oh dear, this morning  I am in a dilemma, my lettuce has raggedy edges, it has been invaded by slugs. Now as you all know I love all the little creatures in my garden even the slugs so what am I to do ? I cannot hurt them. I know,  I will ask Pearl she is very wise and will help me solve my problem ..

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Introducing Sherbet's friends

Hello everyone. Welcome to my amazing garden. My name is Sherbet Sheep. You may have met me before but for those of you who haven't, then I am delighted to meet you, my new friend. Let me introduce you to my best friends. They love to help me in my garden and in my life too.

This is Doodle Dog. He is very creative, he loves to draw and paint. He makes wooden bird huts and other useful things for my garden.

This is Pearl Pig. She is very wise and understanding and she always gives me good advice. Pearl loves to cook the vegetables and fruit from my garden and also preserves them in jars .

This is Mango. He is a little shy but has a very kind heart. He loves to help me do any task in my garden. He lives in a beautiful red watering can.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Sherbet makes a garden

Sherbet Sheep woke from sleep 
at six o’clock in the morning.
He sat and ate boiled egg with toast 
just as the day was dawning.

Today, thought Sherbet I must start
to make my garden a work of art.
I want to plant a flower bed
with blooms of purple, pink and red.

I want to grow some beans and peas,
tomatoes, cucumber and salad leaves.
I’d like to put some wooden chairs
near trees of cherries, plums and pears.

So Sherbet rode upon his bike
to choose the plants that he would like.
The garden shop was in a street
with a bank, a bakers and a place to eat.

Sherbet went inside and found
seeds and flower plants all around.
A watering can and great big pots
A long green hose and string for knots.

Some garden chairs some cane bamboo
Some rakes and spades and fruit trees too!
Onto his bike Sherbet piled up high,
his garden treasures to the sky. 
His pots and plants and flowers and seeds
His watering can and rake for weeds.
His chairs, his spade, his canes and hose
Three fruit trees and one bright pink rose.

At twelve o’clock he ate a dish
of carrots, onions, rice and fish.
At half past one his task began,
he started on his garden plan.

He planted flowers high and low,
pink, purple, red all in a row.
Arranged more blooms in great big pots
with patterns of stripes and squares and spots.

The seeds he sprinkled on the soil
will grow into salad to eat with oil
With vinegar, pepper, salt and spices
With butter and bread in nice thick slices.

The peas and beans, tomatoes too,
will all grow tall on cane bamboo.
When all the seeds were in the ground
and all the flowers arranged around.

When the trees of fruit were standing tall
When the rake and spade were by the wall
When the garden chairs were in their place
And a bird house added just in case

Sherbet went at ten to six
to eat his noodles with chopsticks
A bowl of cream and raspberry pie
Just as the sun set in the sky.

He took his watering can and hose,
to spray his plants and one pink rose
To help them grow throughout the night,
to keep them strong ‘til morning light.

The moon shone down 
it’s time to sleep 
for tired and weary
Sherbet Sheep.

The days went by the weeks passed too
And Sherbet's garden grew and grew
He watered flowers and raked the weeds.
He watched the vegetables grow from seeds.

The honey bees all buzzed around
Some big green frogs jumped on the ground.
The birds ate fruit from Sherbet's trees
A caterpillar lived in the peas.


A spider spun webs in the chair
A white mouse slept without a care.
Sherbet was a happy sheep
his perfect garden was complete.

He sat upon his wooden chair
and watched the birds fly in the air.
His weeks of work were all worthwhile
Because Sherbet's garden made him SMILE !