Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sherbet loves being free

 Oh how wonderful to be free!
 I must tell you that after being trapped inside Clover Cottage for so many days I just want to stay outside all day and all night.
 Well, yes,  you may be thinking it is a little bit scary to stay out all night and I do agree with you that is why I am having second thoughts right this minute.   I am not sure if I could sit under my oak tree in the darkness with no starlight or moonlight and listen to the owls hooting and the wind rustling the leaves.  Oh and imagine all  the creepy crawly things that might walk all over me with their tickly little legs . Oh yes, even though I do love all the little creatures in my garden, I am not sure I would feel quite so happy  to be sitting in the grass with them in complete  darkness,  never quite sure which part of me they may jump on next !
 Oh dear I am making myself  a little bit afraid.  I am going to go inside Clover Cottage and settle down in my nice big armchair where I know I will feel safe .
 Love from Sherbetx

Sherbet has lots and lots of very loyal friends in Russia!

 Today dear friends,  I must tell you that I am very blessed to have lots of very very loyal, loving friends in a place far far away from Clover Cottage in a wonderful country called RUSSIA !    
I am very happy to have such loyal friends from so far far away. I want to use this story to say a very special HELLO to those good friends and to tell them how grateful I am that they read my stories.
 I am sending all of these flowers from my garden to my friends in Russia and I hope they will enjoy reading my stories until the end of time.
 Love from Sherbet the world famous Sheep who lives at Clover Cottage in Wiggleway Lane x

Friday, 27 September 2013

Sherbet has been trapped in Clover Cottage !

Oh my dearest loyal friends from nearby and far far away.   How I have missed you all.  You have probably been thinking that I have dropped off the face of the earth but in fact I have been inside Clover Cottage this whole time .    Let me tell you why.
 Well, I forgot to mention to you that I have had a big creeping  ivy plant crawling all over my cottage, and the last time I was in my garden, I looked at it and  I thought I must cut it down or tidy it up a bit. It is very beautiful and glows in many shades of red and green,  BUT  it seemed to be taking over my home like an alien from another planet and I was becoming a little bit afraid of it because every time I looked out of my kitchen window it had grown a little bit more.   Last week I tried to get out of my cottage to water my plants and guess what ??   I couldn't get out !  The ivy had grown all over my kitchen door,  all over my front door and all over my windows. Oh my goodness,  I was trapped inside and I could not get out to tend to my garden or to write my stories.  Oh dear, Oh dear what was I to do?   Luckily I have very well stocked kitchen cupboards so I had plenty to eat and drink until help came but I was very worried about all the little creatures in my garden.  Who would give the hedgehogs their milk, who would make sure the caterpillars had enough lettuce, who would make sure the baby blackbirds in the nest were being fed enough by their mother. Oh dear, Oh dear, I was so worried.
 I had to wait patiently for so many days trapped in my cottage and I was so very grateful when  this morning I heard Doodle calling from outside.  I called back and told him where to find my big garden axe.    A few minutes later I heard him chopping and chopping ,  cutting down that naughty ivy .   Oh what bliss, my kitchen door suddenly burst open and there was my dear friend Doodle standing there with a big smile on his face. I ran out into the fresh garden air and gave him a huge hug. He was covered in bits of chopped ivy so I invited him in to Clover Cottage to have a lovely hot bath with my favourite lavender perfumed bubble bath.  All is well now and I am free again .  I have learnt my lesson and will not let ivy take over my cottage again .
 I am very grateful and very blessed to have a wonderful friend like Doodle to rescue me .
 Love from Sherbetx

Monday, 16 September 2013

Sherbet looks into the birds nest

My dear friends from nearby and far far away.     Here I am again in my vegetable garden at Clover Cottage.   I must tell you, that as I was waking up from my dreams, very early this morning, I heard a magical sound coming through my bedroom window. It is a sound that I have been hoping to hear since  discovering a new birds nest in my oak tree.   Yes !  Hooray ! Hooray!   The sweet sound of chirping baby birds was coming into my ears  so I jumped out of bed and ran straight outside to my garden.   I quickly found my old wooden ladder,  climbed up my oak tree and tried to see into the nest. I stretched my Sherbet Sheep body as far as it could go and I just managed to peep into the nest
Oh how delightful!  There in the nest were 4 baby blackbirds with their beaks wide open waiting for their breakfast. I felt a little bit sorry for them as their mother was nowhere to be seen and I knew that however hungry they were they would  probably not like to share my breakfast of boiled egg and toast so I came down from the ladder and sat patiently to watch for the mother blackbird to come back. It only took 5 minutes before I saw her flutter to the nest carrying something wiggly in her beak. At last I could stop worrying . Love from Sherbetx

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sherbet is back at Clover Cottage

Ah, my dear, dear, loyal friends.  How lovely to see you all again.   I must say I have had a nice peaceful time at the seaside and I am now back at Clover Cottage.   You may think I am looking a little bit untidy,  but you see,  I am feeling so relaxed that I just feel like wearing my casual country clothes.  I am quite content to just sit here surrounded by daisies.  I must apologize for my strange, bent ear.  You see it was very windy yesterday and my ear was blown right down and so far it has not come up again.   I will try not to worry about it.   Pearl says that I still look very handsome even with odd ears. She tells me that even if I had no ears at all then it would not matter as it is my kind soul that matters most.  Pearl always says such wise things and I always listen to her because I can learn so many wonderful things from her.  Well, let me tell you what happened when I arrived back at Clover Cottage. First of all the naughty slugs had eaten all of my best lettuce in my vegetable garden so I will have to plant some more seeds. The good news is that I have noticed a new birds nest in my oak tree.  Oh how exciting !   I cannot wait to see if there are any baby birds in there.  I will listen very carefully early  tomorrow morning in the stillness, with my ears wide open ( that is if I can get my bent ear wide open!)  If I am very lucky I will be able to hear the tiny chirps of baby birds as they wait for their mother to bring their breakfast to them.  I will let you know what happens in my next story.
 Love from Sherbetx