Monday, 16 September 2013

Sherbet looks into the birds nest

My dear friends from nearby and far far away.     Here I am again in my vegetable garden at Clover Cottage.   I must tell you, that as I was waking up from my dreams, very early this morning, I heard a magical sound coming through my bedroom window. It is a sound that I have been hoping to hear since  discovering a new birds nest in my oak tree.   Yes !  Hooray ! Hooray!   The sweet sound of chirping baby birds was coming into my ears  so I jumped out of bed and ran straight outside to my garden.   I quickly found my old wooden ladder,  climbed up my oak tree and tried to see into the nest. I stretched my Sherbet Sheep body as far as it could go and I just managed to peep into the nest
Oh how delightful!  There in the nest were 4 baby blackbirds with their beaks wide open waiting for their breakfast. I felt a little bit sorry for them as their mother was nowhere to be seen and I knew that however hungry they were they would  probably not like to share my breakfast of boiled egg and toast so I came down from the ladder and sat patiently to watch for the mother blackbird to come back. It only took 5 minutes before I saw her flutter to the nest carrying something wiggly in her beak. At last I could stop worrying . Love from Sherbetx

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