Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sherbet loves being free

 Oh how wonderful to be free!
 I must tell you that after being trapped inside Clover Cottage for so many days I just want to stay outside all day and all night.
 Well, yes,  you may be thinking it is a little bit scary to stay out all night and I do agree with you that is why I am having second thoughts right this minute.   I am not sure if I could sit under my oak tree in the darkness with no starlight or moonlight and listen to the owls hooting and the wind rustling the leaves.  Oh and imagine all  the creepy crawly things that might walk all over me with their tickly little legs . Oh yes, even though I do love all the little creatures in my garden, I am not sure I would feel quite so happy  to be sitting in the grass with them in complete  darkness,  never quite sure which part of me they may jump on next !
 Oh dear I am making myself  a little bit afraid.  I am going to go inside Clover Cottage and settle down in my nice big armchair where I know I will feel safe .
 Love from Sherbetx

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