Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Sherbet has just come back from being abducted by aliens !

Oh dear , Oh dear, I am sure all of my dear friends both nearby and far far away have  been wondering where I have been. Well maybe you will find this hard to believe but I was abducted by Aliens several  weeks ago and I have only just landed back at Clover Cottage .  I do not remember what happened   to me while I was up there in a spaceship   but I can see lots of funny little spaces and holes in my wool where I have been experimented on. Oh my goodness I have just seen a big ticket that has been stuck to my ear and on it it says  SHEEP SPECIMEN FROM  PLANET  EARTH !!!. Maybe that should read SPECI SHEEP as I am not a SPECIES OF MEN !! He He Ho Ho , I have just made a joke , Oh dear I am behaving very sillily indeed maybe I am under the influence of some kind of strange tranquilizer or space drug.  Please do forgive me for being a little bit un Sherbet like but it must be the effect of returning to the Earth after being looked after by Aliens for such a long time. The most important thing is that I am back here safe and sound . I know I was very naughty to not tell you where I was going but the Aliens took me in a flash and would not let me tell my loved ones where I was going.    Love and hugs from a very extraterrestrial Sherbet Sheepx

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Sherbet wants to write a book

Well, I must tell you all that Pearl keeps telling me to write a book.   I think it is a truly splendid idea.
 You see I do have a lot of stories to tell, the only things is that it surely cannot be a romantic book as Pearl would like it to be .  I think the reason for that is because most readers would  think that stories about naughty slugs and  milk drinking hedgehogs and slimy jumping frogs  were not really romantic subjects.    Maybe  I should write a cookery book and make every recipe a healthy, rainbow coloured recipe.   Maybe I should write a poetry book with rainbow coloured smiley poems  in it.   Maybe I should  simply write a  story book with Sherbet's short stories in it.    Pearl told me that first comes the thought then comes the word and then comes the deed.   So I have already thought about it and I have already talked about it so the next thing  that will happen is  that I will  DO IT !!!!     How exciting !
 I think what I really want to do is make my readers smile .  Smiling is a magical thing because  smiles  catch.   A little  bit like measles , well not like measles but you know what I mean .   If I smile then I will see faces all around me smiling too.    What a wonderful world it would be if we all smiled all the time .    Love from Sherbet   the smiling sheepx