Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sherbet visits Anmer Hall, the future home of William and Kate

 Hello dear friends from nearby and far far away. I am talking to you today from a very special place near Sandringham,  not far from the Queen's country Estate.
I am sure you have all heard of Prince William of England and his beautiful wife Kate well guess where  I am? This is the very place where they will come to live with their new baby.
 It is in a beautiful, quiet little village in the county of Norfolk, called Anmer.  I am  a very honoured Sherbet Sheep indeed to be at this gate but as you see, I am not allowed to go in for a cup of tea as it is  private property.
Here is a picture of the house behind the gate. I am very fortunate to be here  because soon the  lane will be blocked off to give the happy family privacy.
While I was here I visited the village church,  Anmer Church,  next to this wonderful house, and I loved it so much.  In my stories tomorrow and the next few days I will show you my photos during my visit to the church.   Oh I can't wait to show you my pictures! Love from Sherbetx

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