Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sherbet realises that caterpillars turn into butterflies!

Happy rainbow coloured Sunday to all of my dear, dear friends from nearby and far far away.
  I must tell you that when I took  a walk around my garden early this morning, I noticed  that so many salad leaves in my vegetable garden had been eaten up by the naughty caterpillars that have decided to live there.  I  must say I stood for a few moments and wondered how they got there and then I remembered something very important indeed !    Guess what ?  Several weeks ago I had watched very closely as some fluttering white butterflies did something strange on my salad leaves.  They were laying lots of tiny, yellow, stripey looking, pollen looking things on the edges of the salad leaves! 
I now realise that they must have been little caterpillar eggs, hundreds of them !  I then remembered that Pearl had told me that caterpillars turn into butterflies. How wonderful nature is.  Imagine a funny, little, wiggly caterpillar starting life as a funny, little, wiggly caterpillar then turning into a beautiful, delicate, fluttering butterfly . What an amazingly, amazing thing to happen!  Love from Sherbetx 

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