Wednesday, 5 June 2013

King Sherbet the first at Sandringham Gates

Here I am sitting at the top of these high gates at the entrance of the Queen's Sandringham home  in the beautiful county of Norfolk in the green and pleasant land of England. Ah how beautiful these gates are, can you see that lovely little crown at the top?  I wonder if it would fit me?  Maybe I should climb right up to the top and try it on .   I think I would look very handsome as King Sherbet !
 These iron gates are really spectacular.  Here is a little history lesson. They are called the Norwich Gates and have the most beautiful intricate design of flowers and leaves. They were created by a very clever man called Thomas Jekyll.  Here in my other picture you can see a little bit of the detail .
 The flowers look like poppies to me,  one of my favourite flowers  in the whole wide world. I grow them in my garden at Clover Cottage.  It is a little bit strange to see them all in black when in real life they are a scrumptious shade of red.
 I must climb down from these gates and continue on with my sightseeing day.
 Love from King Sherbet the firstx.

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