Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bluebells, bluebells, bluebells

Bluebells, bluebells bluebells.  Oh how wonderful to be sitting here in my bluebells.
As you can see,  I am wearing  a special hat  to match my bluebells.   My dear friend Kathy cat made it for me .
She knows how I like to blend in with my flowers .  I think if a seagull flies over me ,  it would not even see me as I am so well hidden.   I am just going to sit here for a little while longer .  I am quite happy here ,  sniffing these beautiful bluebells.
I send you all my very best rainbow coloured wishes, in fact today and today only I will send you some bluebell coloured wishes too !
 Love from your very loyal friend Sherbet Sheepx

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Sherbet is a little bit worried today

Ah now, I know you didn't recognise me . I am actually Sherbet Sheep and I am out sightseeing looking at some lovely old churches.  Most of them have old,  crumbly,  moss covered walls around them and I am so glad they have gates to walk through as I am a little bit too small to climb over those huge walls .
I must say,  I think I look rather handsome in these glasses.  Yes, I know they are a little bit big for me but somehow I think I look a little bit cleverer in them    Or maybe I look like I am driving one of those old open topped cars in the country lanes with the wind blowing through my ears.
I rather like this photograph of me but Oh dear !   I have just noticed that one of my eyes seems to be bulging out of it's socket !!   Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear,  what shall I do?  I had no idea that I had one funny eye !!  When I get home back to Clover Cottage I will stand in front of my mirror, take these mad glasses off and have  a better look at myself .  Oh I do hope I look normal when I get home .  I am a little bit worried .   Love from Sherbetx

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sherbet is planting a cherry tree called George after the new baby prince

 Oh how exciting. I have at last been told the name of the new baby prince .  His name is George.
 I am now off to the garden centre on my bike to buy a new spade .   I am going to plant  a  cherry tree in my garden at Clover Cottage and I am going to call it George after my new dear little friend baby Prince George who was born yesterday. I know I also have another very special friend called George who writes to me sometimes.  Doodle, my very creative friend will make me a special wooden sign  with the name GEORGE on it and when it makes cherries, I will give them to Pearl and she will make a special fruit pie and we will call it George's pie.        Love from Sherbetx

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Yippee, a new baby future king has been born

YIPPEE!!!  We have a new future king in our green and pleasant land.  He is third in line to the throne.
Oh how exciting !  My dear friends William and Kate have had a new baby boy he weighs 8 pounds and 6 ounces. Oh  I am so pleased for them. I will be celebrating today with Doodle, Mango and Pearl.  We will all sit on my lawn in my garden at Clover Cottage. We will eat cup cakes and wave our Union Jacks.
 Oh how happy I am .  I want to send my most enormous rainbow coloured congratulations to the happy family.
 Love from a very delighted Sherbet Sheepx

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sherbet will plant a cherry tree for the new Royal baby

Oh my goodness ! Oh my goodness !  Oh dear me, Oh dear me, Oh dear me.
 I am so very sorry to have been away so long from all of my dear friends from nearby and far far away.
 You see, I have been very, very busy indeed and I did not have one single, little moment to sit down and write my story.
 I am very aware that very soon my dear human friends William and Kate  will very, very soon be having a very important new baby.
 I am so looking forward to this wonderful occasion .  I will plant a special fruit tree in my garden at Clover cottage to mark the birth of the new Royal baby.   Let me think, now what kind of fruit tree should I plant, apple, pear, peach cherry, plum ?  Well,   I do love cherry blossom and I do love cherries so I think I will plant a cherry tree and when the baby is born and I know it's name I will name my tree after the baby. I will ask my dear friend Doodle dog to make a special wooden sign that I can hang on the tree. Oh what fun waiting to see if the baby will be a boy or a girl.  Pearl told me that this baby is such an important baby because one day, a long, long time in the future, it will be the new King or Queen of our great country.
Love from Sherbet,   the sheep who never forgets his friends

Friday, 5 July 2013

Happy Birthday Sheila Sheep

Happy Birthday to my dear and loyal friend Sheila Sheep. I have known Sheila Sheep ever since we were both little lambs . Here I am, in this picture, giving her lots of presents with a truly scrumptious birthday cake on top.
I must tell you that I have sent a pretty little gift with the postman in the red van to take to Sheila Sheep at the seaside I do hope he drives fast enough and delivers it safely to her in time.
 What fun it is to have birthdays.  My own birthday is February the third just like Reginald Rabbit.
That is a long way away but I am still looking forward to it as it is a time when Pearl bakes me her special delicious, scrummy, nutty,  chocolate cake .
Mmmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
 I do hope Sheila Sheep will have some truly scrumptious goodies to eat on her birthday.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sherbet met some old friends on their single green bike

I was out for my morning walk, enjoying the delightful sound of the birdsong all around me , when I must tell you that I bumped into some old friends that I had not seen for a long time .
Oh how lovely it was ,  They were all riding together on one single green bike. Oh what fun they were having riding through the forest.  My fox friend , my rabbit friend, my owl friend and my badger friend all turned around to wave at me as they rode by. I was delighted to see them all. How healthy they looked! I think they must have their very own vegetable garden just as I have.  Love from Sherbetx

Monday, 1 July 2013

Reginald Rabbit is pleased with Sherbet's soul message

 Here I am  dear friends and I simply must tell
you that I had a very pleasant surprise this morning.
I looked out of my kitchen window and who do you think I saw ?
Yes it was my very close and precious friend Reginald Rabbit. He was in my vegetable garden watering my carrots for me . He told me that he had come especially to see me all the way from his new heavenly home way up in the sky to tell me that he was very pleased with my message yesterday.
if you do not remember yesterday dear friends it was the important message that we should begin to see ourselves as souls with bodies rather that bodies with souls . Reginald told me that it was very true,  that we  really are souls with bodies and we are not bodies with souls. Reginald told me that he lives in a place where everyone knows this truth.
 Oh how exciting to know such a wonderful truth for sure!
Love from Sherbet x