Monday, 1 July 2013

Reginald Rabbit is pleased with Sherbet's soul message

 Here I am  dear friends and I simply must tell
you that I had a very pleasant surprise this morning.
I looked out of my kitchen window and who do you think I saw ?
Yes it was my very close and precious friend Reginald Rabbit. He was in my vegetable garden watering my carrots for me . He told me that he had come especially to see me all the way from his new heavenly home way up in the sky to tell me that he was very pleased with my message yesterday.
if you do not remember yesterday dear friends it was the important message that we should begin to see ourselves as souls with bodies rather that bodies with souls . Reginald told me that it was very true,  that we  really are souls with bodies and we are not bodies with souls. Reginald told me that he lives in a place where everyone knows this truth.
 Oh how exciting to know such a wonderful truth for sure!
Love from Sherbet x

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