Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sherbet is planting a cherry tree called George after the new baby prince

 Oh how exciting. I have at last been told the name of the new baby prince .  His name is George.
 I am now off to the garden centre on my bike to buy a new spade .   I am going to plant  a  cherry tree in my garden at Clover Cottage and I am going to call it George after my new dear little friend baby Prince George who was born yesterday. I know I also have another very special friend called George who writes to me sometimes.  Doodle, my very creative friend will make me a special wooden sign  with the name GEORGE on it and when it makes cherries, I will give them to Pearl and she will make a special fruit pie and we will call it George's pie.        Love from Sherbetx

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sherbet,
My mummy is very happy with the new Prince's name....I wonder why?!
Thank you for sharing your adventures with us all. I like to sit on my mummys lap with a glass of milk while she reads to me. I think you are my special sheep friend. I look forward to hearing about more of your adventures.