Saturday, 27 July 2013

Sherbet is a little bit worried today

Ah now, I know you didn't recognise me . I am actually Sherbet Sheep and I am out sightseeing looking at some lovely old churches.  Most of them have old,  crumbly,  moss covered walls around them and I am so glad they have gates to walk through as I am a little bit too small to climb over those huge walls .
I must say,  I think I look rather handsome in these glasses.  Yes, I know they are a little bit big for me but somehow I think I look a little bit cleverer in them    Or maybe I look like I am driving one of those old open topped cars in the country lanes with the wind blowing through my ears.
I rather like this photograph of me but Oh dear !   I have just noticed that one of my eyes seems to be bulging out of it's socket !!   Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear,  what shall I do?  I had no idea that I had one funny eye !!  When I get home back to Clover Cottage I will stand in front of my mirror, take these mad glasses off and have  a better look at myself .  Oh I do hope I look normal when I get home .  I am a little bit worried .   Love from Sherbetx


Sheepmom said...

Hi Sherbet,

I'm sorry your eye is giving you trouble. Perhaps you will have to wear glasses all the time which is not so terrible, especially since you are so handsome in them.
Good luck from your friend Sheepmom

Sherbet Sheep said...

Dear Sheepmom friend,
Thank you for your kind concern and your flattering words. My eye has gone back into it's socket and I look much better now. If I can find some glasses that are a little bit smaller I will wear them lots more as I do agree with you that I look rather handsome in them !
Love from Sherbet your loyal friend x