Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sherbet met some old friends on their single green bike

I was out for my morning walk, enjoying the delightful sound of the birdsong all around me , when I must tell you that I bumped into some old friends that I had not seen for a long time .
Oh how lovely it was ,  They were all riding together on one single green bike. Oh what fun they were having riding through the forest.  My fox friend , my rabbit friend, my owl friend and my badger friend all turned around to wave at me as they rode by. I was delighted to see them all. How healthy they looked! I think they must have their very own vegetable garden just as I have.  Love from Sherbetx


Anonymous said...

Hello Sherbet, my name is George and I am three years old. My mummy reads to me all about your adventures and stories. I thought you might like to know that I help my mummy and daddy with our vegetable patch. Today I helped pick a cauliflower (with mummy) and she is making cauliflower cheese for tea tonight! Yummy!
Thank you for your stories,
Love George x

Sherbet Sheep said...

Good Day to you my dear and loyal friend George.
I am so very happy to know that you have a lovely vegetable patch in your garden just as I have here at Clover Cottage. I love to eat healthy food, it gives me lots of energy to ride my bike and it keeps my wool looking shiny and feeling soft.
Sometimes my dear friend Pearl Pig makes me caulifower cheese and we have a scrumptious dinner with our other friends Doodle Dog and Mango Mouse. Thank you George for being my friend and listening to my stories and please tell your mummy thank you for reading them to you. Love from Sherbetx