Thursday, 26 March 2015

Sherbet's head is the same colour as the flowers

Dear Friends,
 I just love the way these little pink flowers match the colour of my head. How lovely to have a head the colour of flowers .What a lucky Sherbet Sheep I am.
 I just wanted to share this picture with you.
 I must say it is very cosy and warm in here too.
 I think I will sit in here a little bit longer.
 Love from Sherbetx

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Oh dear , Sherbet cannot stop Doodle from Doodling.

Oh dear I just cannot stop Doodle from his new hobby of fashion designing . He is experimenting on me !
 I know he only means well and he thinks I should get a cooler,  more trendy image but I am not sure these shorts go well with my wellies and gardening gloves at all!
 Love from Sherbet x
PS  Be assured that I am still the same old Sherbet underneath all that sunglasses and cool expression new look .

Monday, 23 March 2015

Sherbet's one pink rose.

Dearest loyal friends,
I do not have any exciting news for you today.
 But if you would like to,  you could share this moment with me while I water my favourite pink rose.
 My one pink rose that has been with me here in my heart and my garden for a very long time .
 Oh how peaceful it is here and how beautiful my flowers are .
At this very moment , all I can hear in my amazing garden here at Clover Cottage is the gentle breeze blowing through the new Spring leaves on my oak tree and a little splashing noise from the frogs jumping around on the waterlilies in my pond.
Peace and quiet , how lovely.
Love from Sherbetx

Sherbet the SuperSheep

Oh my dear friends from nearby and far far away, maybe you do not recognise me like this . My friend  Doodle Dog has been designing me a completely new look. He said I need to look cool ! He says I am too old fashioned . Oh dear !
 Here I am looking cool and wearing a supersheep outfit . I have just thought of a new name for myself Sherbet the Super Sheep . Yes, I think that name suits me quite well, quite well indeed! What do you think , should I stay the same old cuddly Sherbet or become a new cool Sherbet SuperSheep?
 Love from Sherbetx

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Sherbet has some very naughty caterpillars eating his lettuce

Oh dear friends , you have found me digging my garden.
 This is the month when I plant lots of new seeds and lots of little baby vegetable plants .
I must tell you that when I came into my garden early this morning to water my plants, I found some very naughty caterpillars on my lettuce , well really the truth is that they were on the remaining stalks of my lettuce! I do not mind sharing my lunch with caterpillars at all because as you know I do love all the little creatures in my garden but when they chew through every single leaf, I realise that I will have to give them some lessons in good manners and teach them to share .
It seems there are always lessons to teach and lessons to learn  so I am going to start teaching those naughty caterpillars right this minute .
Love Sherbetx

Friday, 20 March 2015

Sherbet is still asleep

As you can see my dear friends from nearby and far far away, I am still asleep in my cosy bedroom!
 You may well also be asking yourselves, how I am able to write this this little story while I am still asleep .
 Well I am asking myself the very same question. It must be some kind of magic or maybe some kind of automatic writing from the spirit world , whatever it is, the writing is appearing here on this page while I am fast asleep. You may also be asking,  how can Sherbet be asking this same question while he is asleep !! Well I must be asking it in my dreams , yes that must be the answer . Love from Sherbet the sleepy sheepx

Sherbet is having a little rest

Oh it is so nice to have a little rest after such a long morning of work in my garden . This is just a little hello as I am going into my kitchen now to make a delicious cup of peppermint tea . Love from Sherbetx

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Special blessings from Sherbet Sheep

Here I am your very loyal friend, Sherbet Sheep of Clover Cottage in Wiggleway Lane.
 I just wanted to send you all some floral scented, rainbow coloured blessings to brighten up your day, even if your day is already bright and there may not be much room left for any more brightness.   For my friends that live far far away where the sky is already dark after a day of brightness or still dark outside after a long night of darkness, then I hope these bright pink flowers add a little colour to your evening, your night  or your early morning !!  The most important thing of all is that you receive these happy, bright , colourful, perfumed blessings and keep them tucked away safely close to your heart where they can grow even more abundant . Love and special Sherbet hugs to you all. Sherbet x