Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sherbet is very tired today

Oh what a wonderful garden party we had yesterday for my 100th day of stories.
We danced and sang until the sun went down over the hills.  I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends to share such a happy time with. I must say though, I am just going to sit on my flowerpot and rest today as I am very tired. I went to bed later than usual because after the party, Pearl, Mango, Doodle and I  spent quite a few hours tidying up the cottage and the garden. The first to leave the party and to go to sleep were all the little creatures that live in my garden as they are so small and get tired much quicker than the rest of us. The last to leave were the cows that live at Greengate farm. They had so much energy and really wanted to stay here dancing all night long, in fact when they eventually did leave I watched them  dance  the conga all the way down Wiggleway Lane until they disappeared out of sight at the first bend. They were very late getting home and  I do hope the farmer had left the big green gate open for them or they would have had to spent the night sleeping in the lane outside the farm like very naughty cows indeed!
 I will stay on my flowerpot until I have had a really good rest  and tomorrow I  hope I will be a thoroughly refreshed Sherbet Sheep !


Mimi Foxmorton said...

How magical!

And I'm terribly jealous as I wished I could have joined in the garden fun!

Hapy a Happy Nap today!

The Goat Borrower

fengirl said...

So glad the party went well Sherbet :-)How clever of you all to clear up after the party too, I always leave it until the next morning.....

Sherbet Sheep said...

Well, you see , we like to clear it all up before the next morning as it makes us sleep better knowing that when we get up we can just get straight on to making a scrumptious breakfast with the plates and knives forks and spoons all sparkly clean and ready to be used again. Love from Sherbetx

Sherbet Sheep said...

Thank you dear Mimi, I do wish you could have joined our party too but I do believe you live too far far away like my sheep friends with their mom crazysheeplady. I did have a lovely rest but I almost fell off my flowerpot at one point because I lost my balance when my eyes started to close, you see I was so tired that I almost feel asleep. Pearl pig told me that I should have rested properly on the grass under the oak tree instead. Pearl is very wise, she is always right.

Lori Skoog said...

You sure do a great job with this blog! Love the illustrations.