Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sherbet is choosing new wallpaper

Pearl and Doodle have advised me that I should put some new wallpaper in my bedroom as Spring is coming and it would freshen  things up a bit. Doodle brought round a piece of wallpaper for me to try on the wall. It is very pretty,  full of butterflies and plant pots, just like my garden but I think I need something a bit brighter as I do love bright colours. I love greens like my grass and purples like my aubergines and I love reds like my tomatoes, I love yellow like my sunflowers, I love pink like the colour of my ear tops when they have had too much sun, I love blue like the sky, In fact I love all the colours of the rainbow so I think I will ask Doodle to choose another kind of wallpaper for me and I will see if it suits me better.

1 comment:

fengirl said...

Oh Sherbet I LOVE this wallpaper. I think Doodle has very good taste.