Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sherbet takes Doodle's decorating advice

The decision has been made. The new wallpaper Doodle brought over this morning  is better as it will brighten up my bedroom  nicely. It has bees and butterflies on it so it reminds me of the little creatures in my garden. Doodle, Pearl and Mango have offered to come to Clover Cottage to decorate my bedroom with the new wallpaper. I will just have it on one wall as I do not want to feel too crowded in by all that pattern !!  Doodle says I need to paint my door too, to co-ordinate with the colours in the wallpaper. I told him I  thought that is a very big word but he explained that  it just means I should pick out one of the colours  from the wallpaper and paint the door that colour. He said that if I do that, the door will go with the rest of the room  and the room will be happy!  I have chosen blue to be the new door colour.

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