Thursday, 1 March 2012

Look at Mango's beautiful house everybody!

Look at Mango's beautiful house everybody. He is very proud of it. Mango lives at the end of my garden in this very desirable residence. He feels very safe and content there as he is living quite close by to all the little creatures in my garden. At  the moment the hedgehogs are living under the nearby blackberry bush and the frogs in the pond are not far away and the birds in the trees are always watching him ( Mango often puts pieces of bread out for them when he has his bread and cheese dinners) as well as waking him each morning with their delightful dawn chorus.  Mango has invited Pearl, Doodle and I to eat with him tomorrow but as we are all much bigger than he is we will not fit into the watering can so we will all have a scrumptious picnic on the grass near to his home. Yummy, I can't wait, I do love picnics!