Friday, 2 March 2012

Will Mango try some Feta cheese and maybe an olive?

This afternoon, Pearl, Doodle and I are going to have a picnic with Mango on the lawn near his beautiful watering can home. Early this morning, Pearl and Doodle made a scrumptious fruit pie and I have made a big jug of freshly squeezed orange juice to take with us. We know that Mango will have a good selection of cheese and some crackers as that is his favorite kind of food. I do have some very special cheese that Mango may not have eaten before, it is called Feta cheese and it is in a pretty round bottle with some olives. I hope Mango will enjoy the cheese but I am afraid the flavour may be too strong for his little taste buds. It would be good if  he at least tries it and maybe an olive too.  Pearl always says you never know until you try! I think I will take along some delicious, warm, wholemeal bread too as we will all enjoy eating that with the cheese. Yummy, it is going to be a very tasty picnic. I do hope it doesn't rain.

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