Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mark Mole makes mountains out of mole hills

This morning I noticed the postman coming down Wiggleway Lane and he stopped at Clover Cottage to give me a letter from my dear friend Sheila Sheep who lives at the seaside.
 I  took the letter and sat under my oak tree to read it .
Oh dear, I learned that Sheila Sheep is a little worried about her dearest friend Mark Mole. It seems that Mark has been making mountains out of mole hills again. Every time he makes a new mole hill, he cannot seem to stop, he just loves to create big, huge mole hills that then turn into small mountains. When he has made his small mountains he then likes to decorate them, as he is a very creative mole.
 He loves to make beautiful patterns all over them and in fact he does make the most beautiful mole mountains anyone has ever seen . The problem is he just cannot stop and he is wearing himself out and is not getting enough sleep. Now, talking about sleep, I had a dream all about mountains last night because  before I went to bed, I too was thinking and worrying about Mark Mole. In my dream I was walking through lots and lots of beautifully decorated mountains and it seemed to be in a tropical place. There were palm trees and colourful birds and fascinating flowers all over the place. It seemed so real and I really loved being in that dream. It felt so peaceful that as soon as I woke up I realised straight away that we need not worry anymore about Mark Mole. As long as he is happy making his lovely mountains out of his mole hills then that is all that matters. We will just have to make sure that he gets enough sleep and does not get too worn out. I will write back to Sheila Sheep today and tell her about my dream, her mind will be put at rest when she knows that everything is alright and it always will be.


Lori Skoog said...

Do you create a new painting every day? Your work is beautiful. And thanks for linking to my Journal!!!

Sherbet Sheep said...

Hello Lori,
Thank you for your kind words. The designs and illustrations come from my existing portfolio of work which is quite extensive. It is a good way to show my work and it is fun connecting them with Sherbet's stories. Thank you for being one of Sherbet's friends from far far away!