Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sherbet is back at Clover Cottage

Ah, my dear, dear, loyal friends.  How lovely to see you all again.   I must say I have had a nice peaceful time at the seaside and I am now back at Clover Cottage.   You may think I am looking a little bit untidy,  but you see,  I am feeling so relaxed that I just feel like wearing my casual country clothes.  I am quite content to just sit here surrounded by daisies.  I must apologize for my strange, bent ear.  You see it was very windy yesterday and my ear was blown right down and so far it has not come up again.   I will try not to worry about it.   Pearl says that I still look very handsome even with odd ears. She tells me that even if I had no ears at all then it would not matter as it is my kind soul that matters most.  Pearl always says such wise things and I always listen to her because I can learn so many wonderful things from her.  Well, let me tell you what happened when I arrived back at Clover Cottage. First of all the naughty slugs had eaten all of my best lettuce in my vegetable garden so I will have to plant some more seeds. The good news is that I have noticed a new birds nest in my oak tree.  Oh how exciting !   I cannot wait to see if there are any baby birds in there.  I will listen very carefully early  tomorrow morning in the stillness, with my ears wide open ( that is if I can get my bent ear wide open!)  If I am very lucky I will be able to hear the tiny chirps of baby birds as they wait for their mother to bring their breakfast to them.  I will let you know what happens in my next story.
 Love from Sherbetx

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