Friday, 7 December 2012

Happy birthday to the person who created me

Happy Birthday today to my wonderful friend and the person who created me.
 She put me on this earth, gave me Clover Cottage to live in and helped me make  my amazing garden.  I am very grateful for her love and I wish her a wonderful birthday full of smiles and healthy, rainbow coloured birthday food.

Now, I know you may not have seen me here for a while and may have  missed my stories but I decided when I reached the seaside and Sheila sheep's lovely home that I would relax and rest and give myself a lovely peaceful time   I have used my time to be quiet, to meditate and to read my books.  Now I am nearly ready to have seaside adventures with Sheila sheep.  I am looking forward to going to her favourite cafe which is called Cafe Blah Blahh and I really hope to meet the Queen of England there. I am saying this  because one of her country homes is nearby and I know that she loves to have her cup of tea in that very special cafe,  especially as they do allow her corgis to go in with her.
I will share my adventures with you very, very soon.                                                                                         Love and rainbow coloured blessings to you all. Sherbetx