Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Yippee! I am so excited .    Today I went to Sheila sheep's favourite cafe at the seaside which is called Cafe Blah Blahh and guess who I met there?   Well it is a little bit silly for me to ask that actually as you can see my picture!  YES!  I met the Queen of England !  What fun it was.   She introduced me to her corgis, who were being very well behaved under the table  and she invited me to share a lovely pot  of tea with her.  Oh what a thoroughly pleasant time I had chatting to the Queen. We talked about my garden at Clover cottage and I asked her about her garden parties. I especially wanted her advice about the kind of hat I should wear when I attend the next one ! ( I will need to give Kathy cat plenty of notice to make me a very special hat  )   The Queen was very kind indeed, she complimented me on my patriotic outfit and suggested I wear it when I visit her at Buckingham Palace.

What a wonderful afternoon I had
I do hope I see her again at this very same cafe .
I offered to take her corgis for a walk on the beach with me tomorrow but she told me that they can be very naughty indeed and may try to run off so I think it is best that I do not take them; or the headlines in the newspapers the next day would say -


- and that would make me feel very silly and very sorry indeed.
I would be famous all over the world for being the one who lost the Queen of England's corgis!   Oh dear I must not let that happen!

I want to give special thanks to the very famous Cafe Blah Blahh for allowing the Queen's corgis to come into the cafe and for the delicious pot of royal tea and  also the very warm welcome they gave me. I will be back to visit them very, very soon to enjoy one of their very scrumptious cup cakes. Love from a very contented Sherbet sheepx