Monday, 17 December 2012

Sherbet goes back to the cafe

Oh don't I look content!
 I have been to Cafe Blah Blahh again and I have eaten 2 huge, delicious cup cakes.
I must say I am having a very relaxing time here at the seaside.  The weather has been just perfect .  Not too hot, not too cold,  not too rainy and not too windy.   I had hoped to see the Queen again but today she was not there.
 I heard she is expecting to have a new grandchild so I think she must be busy knitting little socks or maybe even a nice, comforting blanket made out of the softest, cuddliest wool.
I do hope she finds time to come to the cafe tomorrow I would love to share another pot of tea with her .
Now I hope you will forgive me but I am very tired after my long day and my eyes keep dropping asleep without me asking them to,  so I will say goodbye for now  and I will see you again soon. Lots of pure rainbow coloured love from Sherbetx                                                                                  

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