Friday, 3 August 2012

A terrible storm swirls around Clover Cottage

Ah, here I am getting dry after my lovely warm bubble bath. How lovely to lay in that soothing perfumed bubbly water and just relax.  It is always a little difficult to get out of my bath afterwards as my wool gets so heavy and my arms are not very strong.  Well, here is my news for today.  Last night I was asleep having lovely dreams when I awoke to hear huge, mad, blowy winds swirling all around  Clover Cottage and making my trees swish and bend. I was a little bit afraid as I could hear things falling onto my roof, maybe bits of branch were falling from the trees.  It was very dramatic and I thought the terrible storm might turn into a hurricane and squash all of my lovely flowers and trees.  Now though, it is morning and the storm is passing.  I have checked my garden and seen that everything is OK, except for one big tall tree that has bended into a wonky angle.  Oh dear, poor tree, but at least it is not broken.  I checked on my hedgehogs, my caterpillars, my frogs, my birds, my spiders and my snails and they all seemed well. The only creatures I could not find were my butterflies.  I hope they found safe places to shelter in the storm as they are so delicate. I will send them lots of blessings to help them be safe.
 Love from Sherbetx

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