Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Oh dear, Sherbet has a little bit of a shock this morning!

Here I am again.
 Oh my goodness I have something to tell you.  I had a little bit of a shock this morning.
 I had just been  outside to fill up the hedgehogs bowls with milk as I always do every morning,  and when I went out  ten minutes later to start my garden tasks guess what I saw ?
There sitting right in one of the bowls of milk, was a very huge, knobbly skinned bullfrog.  I jumped back with surprise as I certainly did not expect to see him in there.  What a very naughty bullfrog indeed !  He was not a usual visitor to my garden, all my own frogs live in my pond and I know all of their names.
 I imagine he must have been hungry but I did not know that bullfrogs drank milk !  Well maybe they don't but my other thought was,.... Oh dear,  I hope he or rather she,  is not laying eggs in  my hedgehogs milk !!!  Then I thought if it is a BULL frog can it be a  SHE, because I thought bull named things were boys, like cows are, well not cows but bulls !!!!  Oh dear , now  I was getting very muddled up indeed!  The problem was,  that made me a little bit worried because if there were baby eggs in the milk  ( Pearl has told me they were called frog spawn)  I did not want to disturb them but on the other hand I had to make sure that the milk was all clear of eggs for my hedgehogs because I do not think they would be happy drinking bullfrog eggs for breakfast. What was I to do ? The frog had jumped away by then.
 Ah yes!  A good idea came into my head and I knew what to do.  I saved the bowl of maybe egg layed in milk  and put it under the hedge and then I gave my hedgehogs a new fresh bowl of milk.
 Phew, that was a big problem I had to solve this morning but all is well now so I am just sitting in my garden relaxing after my morning ordeal.  Love from Sherbetx

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