Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hooray, today is Sherbet's very own Olympics!

Hooray, Hooray, it is my very own Olympic day.
There is plenty of room here at Clover Cottage for all of my friends around the world to come and join us on this very exciting day.

Welcome to my very own Olympics here at Clover Cottage.

 As you can see from the picture, Pearl is very excited to take part as she usually doesn't get much exercise.
 What an exciting day this is.
 Very early this morning I went to Greengate Farm to collect the 2 goats, Gertie and Goon, they were full  of energy and could not stop leaping about. In fact I had a little bit of a difficult time with them as they were being very naughty indeed.
 Back at Clover Cottage I saw that Pearl pig had assembled the medals on the kitchen table ready for the prize giving and that Doodle dog had set up some wonderful hurdles along Wiggleway Lane.
 Mango mouse was there waiting patiently with the frogs at the pond and so we were all ready to start.
 We were very lucky to have a lovely sunny day and the first event started on time with the frogs and Mango all leaping into the pond together for the swimming event. Oh poor Mango he was being splashed so fiercely by the frogs that he almost drowned but he managed to hang onto one of the frogs legs and you will not believe this but the frog whose leg he was hanging onto actually won, so Mango came in second.  Well done Mango you won a silver medal!  The next event was the sailing on the waterlily pads ( I like to call them lotus leaves as it sounds more exotic).  This was between Mango and the frogs again so I quickly dried Mango with a soft towel and put him on his lily pad. And off they went, there was just enough breeze to get them to the other side of the pond, some of the frogs found that their lily pad had tangled in some weeds and they capsized, Mango kept going, he was in the lead by one second, a frog was trying his hardest to catch up, it was very close and  YES!  Mango won!  His lily pad touched the end of the pond and he jumped for joy kissing all the frogs around him. He was very lucky that none of them turned into princes as that would have caused a bit of confusion.  For such a little mouse he did really well. Then came the running and hurdles along Wiggleway Lane. I am afraid that I wasn't very good at that, even after all of my training, I know that sheep are supposed to be very good at jumping over fences and running but not me! Doodle my opponent was a really good hurdle jumper and a really good runner, he just whizzed ahead like a rocket. I did come in second though as Pearl was very slow and just dawdled along the lane as if she was in a daydream thinking about one of her delicious pies. So, the next event was the long awaited gymnastics. The goats, Mango, and myself, Sherbet, gathered at the beautiful constructions that Doodle had made for us. First I helped  Mango climb onto what we will call the horse. He was absolutely magnificent and impressed us all with some amazing twisty looking somersaults, what neat little moves he made, landing perfectly on his tiny feet every time.  Next came me. Well I somehow managed to pull myself onto the horse and did my best to show off some elegant moves but my wool  kept getting in my eyes and I kept losing my balance.  Oh dear, I wobbled and wobbled and could not help but fall off, I tumbled straight onto the grass and stained my wool a grassy shade of green.   Next, came the stars of the show, an amazing appearance by our special guests, the goats. Oh my goodness they were absolutely brilliant! They gave the most spectacular performance of the day. What skill ! What amazing balance! They twisted and turned and leaped upside down and inside out and backwards and frontwards and we all watched in complete awe at their goatly perfection.
Next came the high jump and even though I had not planned to enter into it, I had just had some apple juice and a banana and  decided that I was feeling extra bouncy and I wanted to enter. Even though I did badly at the hurdles I thought that if I could just get a bit more spring in my step I could beat Doodle,  and certainly Pearl,  at the high jump and win a gold medal, so off I went. I was the first one. I concentrated with all my might, I took 3 deep breaths and  ran towards the wonderful bamboo high jump construction that Doodle had created.  I jumped so high that I was afraid I would never come down.  I flew through the air, my ears flapped in the breeze and I cleared the pole ! Yippee, I did it, My cheeks flushed pink with pride. Then came Pearl. She ran as fast as she could and jumped into the air but it wasn't enough, she  knocked the pole onto the floor and tumbled alongside it. We put the pole back up and then it was Doodle's turn. Doodle tried his very best but he was worn out  from his running and hurdles race so he knocked the pole off too. That left me, the famous Sherbet sheep of Clover Cottage in Wiggleway Lane, the winner of the high jump!
For the grand finale, we all jumped into the pond for the synchronised swimming event. What a funny looking lot we made. Two goats, Gertie and Goon, one big woolly Sherbet sheep, one tiny Mango mouse, one Doodle dog, one Pearl pig and  4 frogs, all with our different sized legs and arms trying to look spectacular in the pond. Well as you can imagine it did not come up to Olympic standards at all but Oh, what fun we had. It was the end of my very own Olympics. We all wrapped ourselves up in big cuddly towels to get dry and headed for my kitchen where the medals were presented to us by Pearl who had so lovingly made them.
Here are the results of the Clover Cottage Olympics 2012
Swimming  --- Gold medal won by frog, silver medal won by Mango, bronze medal won by another frog
Sailing----Gold medal won by Mango, silver medal won by frog, bronze medal won by another frog
Running and hurdles -----Gold medal won by Doodle, silver medal won by Sherbet, bronze medal won by Pearl
Gymnastics------ Gold medal jointly won by Gertie and Goon goats,  Silver medal won by Mango, bronze medal won by Sherbet
High Jump------Gold medal won by Sherbet, silver medal won by Doodle and bronze medal won by Pearl
We were all presented with our medals and  afterwards I gave everyone some lovely rainbow coloured flowers from my garden and we all sat down to a lovely cup of mint tea and a scrumptious slice of carrot cake.  What an absolutely thrilling and fun packed day we all had today. I do hope you all enjoyed it too. Love from Sherbetx.

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Job well done by all.
Auntie Reg